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hello my name is benbo101 im from ireland me and razza are friends in real life , my favourite sports are hurling [irish sport] and rugby [european sport] i live in kildare i used to live in the roughest part of kildare now i live in the second roughest place in kildare woo hoo , my favourite film is road to perdition , the best holiday was eh thailand but i broke my ribs over there by crashing a go kart 100mph into a bunch of tyres good times good times . i mostly go on mamoth and frozen im famous and im kinda rare me and razza are making more vids for yas most of them will be good were putting in loadsa effects. the penguins i hate the most are mewgirl and noodles them lil feckers drive me mad but their rare ah wel fuck it anyway. seeyas later homies waddle on benbo

3 Responses

  1. thanks homes

  2. lol

  3. Guys this is benbo101 he is working on our site from now on good luck ben

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