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New Page

Hey guys Razza here i made a new page called “Question’s” this is to help anyone that is stuck with cheat’s or want’s to know Anything and stuff like that So come on over To my new Page To See it Just simply “click here” that question is Fake That says Example also i Made Another Page Called Ultimate links you may only get about 3/4 Refers Depending On How Many views we get on it but it’s worth it Also my hits are dropping look at these stat’s there Terrible! i used to get around 200 (wich is also bad) i now get like 120-150 😦 this site is Going Through some major update’s ~Razza


7 Responses

  1. come to my website sunny019.wordpress.com

  2. Dude I need hits. Can u plz add me to ur blogorll for just a while plz! Just a week would make a difference.

  3. Razza,
    You Think That Is Bad
    I was Getting 50-120 A day now I Am
    1-13 A Day.
    You Don’t Even Know How Much Advertising I Have
    Done. This Is Probably The End Of My Site. I Will Probably
    Give It Away OR Deleate Within The Next Month.


  4. Hey Razza I’ve got a deal for you! If you help me with CSS alot, like make the text big enough with no highlighting and have a color for the site and stuff like that, then I will advirtize your blog on my blog in almost every post! Deal, or No Deal? lol that last line i got from a show on NBC lol

  5. OHHH Wrong blog. I thought this was some other kids blog LOL. I am gonna add you to the Ultimate Bloggers. I thought you were this other kids blog. Really sorry. Your good!
    Razza:Thank you Toronto you truly are a good friend thanks again ~Razza

  6. Sry about that, but i had a smilar animation, but i’ve cleared it up and you will not be sooed, but i hope you see that as future refrence to never copy anything,

  7. If anyone Helps me Get my hits back Up i will give them
    -animation makr with help
    -ultimate video editor’s
    -admin on my site
    -and more ~Razza

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