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This Is Detroit87 Saying I Am Going To Quit Club Penguin

I Just Want To Say Some Stuff Though

My Story

In August 2006 I heard of this game from my sister. She got it from a friend. It was called club penguin.

I loved it,played it everyday. I finally got my 1st pin inearly september 06 and later found many. I think I first went to Icy Fresh 2’s blog by searching club penguin cheats. He had the only active blog on clubpenguin at the time. Paintboy100 nearly worshipped him and he alsong with many others began blogs. In August also I got my first item. THE LIGHTHOUSE SHIRT OMG :). It was the most popular item back then

later i got the sailor cap AKA LightHouse hat,Red Torque. Later october Rockhopper came. It was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool. Later came christmas. Man was that party fun. huge snowdrifts all that stuff. In January 07 the first annual fiesta. Feburary 07 winterfest. March I made a blog and the 2nd annual St.Patty’s day. Also My Friends Joined only to quit in a couple of months. But I stayed. Not Much In JUNE but I Made my current blog @ detroit870.wordpress.com PLZ Don’t Go To It.

Ok In August my Sisters, and brother came “back” and didn’t quit. but then Re-quit in September,like me.

I rarly go on from then to know. I have collected 150+ clothing and am nearing my 60th pin. Club Penguin Isnt fun AnyMore Sorry.

Ones who quit or got banned

Icy Fresh2






ice surviver


little wolf



Mike Cooool


Penguins I Have

These are mine and my friends


Go Blue987(friend)quit





Detroit86(banned forever)

Aqua Fina(banned forever)

Sprinkles500 (friend)quit

Meteors7 (friend)quit

I had others and forgot the passwords

I Enjoyed club penguin from August 06-March07


Good-Bye To All The Friends I Had and Have, Good-Bye I am approaching

350 Word Count


Thats all for now,

Waddle On……………But Not Too Far,

This Is Detroit87 Signing out……For The Last Time

You are invited



8 Responses

  1. can i have Sprinkles500 plz

  2. No linking

    join my wordpress

  3. Hey detroit can i have your account

  4. Sorry that your quiting dude…
    btw can i have one of those penguins passwords?
    Razza:it’s not me that’s quiting it’s Detroit

  5. NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. wow. Detroit, You were getting good! You got more hits then me. If you wouldn’t be like gay cpmac, then you would have lots more hits. Just don’t advertise on so many blogs and it will be cool! You lost alot but that doesn’t mean you lost your life here too! Just don’t do this!!

  7. ill miss ya bye

  8. Detroit87
    Go Blue987
    Will all be given away

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