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Music Jam party + CPIP shut down

Hey guy’s.

The music jam party is incredible. Here is a guide:

The music jam T-shirt is at the plaza.

The old maracas are at the cove.

There’s a Backstage at the dock, it’s only for member’s.

There’s a music catalog at the Backstage.

You can the backstage pass at the snow forts and many other item’s.

And the new game is awesome.

And when you click the Applause button, there is a sound of people cheering. The more you click it, the more it’s louder.

And I might be the first to post this. To get the Red Guitar, click on the dot above the I in “Music”

I give credit to Wwe Adam for this:

Other features:

-Step on a stage, and it plays new music.
-Musical Icicles at the mine.
-Music maker 3000, step on a pad and play the music at the dojo.
-Floor piano at the pool, you can hear other peoples notes at the same time if you move the switch on the wall.
-There is an, “Applause” button in the bottom right hand corner.
-The new Dj game is here, you can play by walking up to the head phones and chart.
-You can make confetti shoot out by pressing a button at the lighthouse.

The CPIP blog is oficially shut down.

And I have opened a Fan Shop page on my site. Check out what will you get in it http://darkcrow200.com/fan-shop/

Ok guy’s, that’s all for now.




Detroit87:Hey its me just saying I will NOT be an the Christmas In July

Party I organised I Only Went On For Like 10 minuates And I Won’t

Be Able To Get On Any More. Start At WALLY’S IGLOO and then go to RAZZA’S

10 Responses

  1. Dude, Can we do this party thing like, Tomorrow?

  2. Hi!

    I didn’t mean you. I meant “Clone” without the numbers.

    Sorry for the Confusion.


    Razza:sorry i got confused because Clones name is in Caps His name is acctually CLONE sorry aboutn that

  3. Hey! Nice post theres a contest on my site and its not a commenting one please enter;)

  4. Nice!

    ~CPwatex a.k.a Coolgindara

  5. nobody showed up tho the christmasin july : ( but now clone is my buddy : )

  6. nm

  7. can i join ur blogroll

  8. 2nd BEST PARTY
    right after Halloween ’06

  9. Yea, I saw you did’nt so I posted for you 😉

  10. wow i love this party i have to agree cp did a good job

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