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Aqua Grabber New Level! (With The Guide!)

Cp has Just Luanched The New Level of Aqua Grabber. There are Two Levels. One is Clam Sea. Other is Trechure or something!. It can Give ur more than 1000 Coins!! There is a big Shel U must Trick Him!

Here is a paper that how much u did in the Game!

And Here is The guid To Get The Perl!

First Go Down and find a Perl Shape Rock. And CLick the Space Bar. And Get it!

And Drop It on that Big Shel!

And He will Think its the Perl. So he will be like that and Get The Perl Very Slowly!

And U must FInsih All $ stages but i finsh 3 cuz the 4 is a time trail! and Here is the Coins when u finsh till stage 3!

~CPwatex a.k.a Coolgindara


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