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Mini contest

Hey Guy’s

There was nothing to post about today so im having a contest the 1st person to answer these questions rightfully will win a snagit 9 code here are the question’s

What was clone’s old penguin called?

When did clone orriginally start club penguin?

What is clone’s oldest pin?

How old am i in real life?

What’s my best day ever in hit’s?

When did i make this site? (The exact date)

What search term is used the most find my blog?

Get cracking! ~Clone 787


6 Responses

  1. also most hits is 750-Monday, 19, 2008!

  2. you are 12 in real life!

  3. i think you are 14 years old and your oldest penguin is ratssadfwevbn or russell87 and your most hits was 1023 on september 18th 2007 and you started on feb9th 2006

    Clone:Sorry dude not right my old penguin is spelt wrong and im only 12

    750 — Monday, May 19, 2008

  5. Clone 787:Correct answer the other questions aswell

  6. Sorry that’s incorect that wuz my nickname

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