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Woton’s 50,000 Hits Party!


Thanks to everyone that has viewed this site and supported me we finally have 50,000 hits! It’s time to party! Here is the invitation:


Here is the written invitation:

When: Saturday, November 29

Time: 10:00 am PST (Penguin Standard Time)

Server: Fjord

Room: Dock


Time Zone Converter

For those of you who live in a different time zone here are all of the times of the party for you:

Eastern Time: 1:00 PM

Central Time: 12:00 PM

Mountain Time: 11:00 AM

Pacific Time: 10:00 AM

Alaska Time: 9:00 PM

Hawaii Time: 8:00 PM


What We Will Do

At the party we will:

-Play all three multiplayer games!

-Film the party!

-Move around Club Penguin!

-Hang out and have fun!

-Have these awesome contests:



Here are some prizes you may win if you come to the party:

-Win a Six Month Club Penguin Membership (read about below)!

-Win one of three Club Penguin Toy Code (read about below)!

-Get you penguins name and player card featured in a post on this site!

-Be one of the 15 lucky penguins to get added to Woton’s buddy list!

-Be in any of the pictures that Woton takes or the video that Woton films of the party!


Six Month Membership!

The first person to send me a postcard when I arrive at the party will win a free Six Month Club Penguin Membership gift certificate!



Three Toy Coin Codes!

Anyone else who sends me a postcard during that party will get a chance to win one of three Club Penguin Toy Coin Codes! Everyone who sends me a postcard (besides the person who won the Six Month Membership) will get their names put into a raffle. I will randomly pick three of their names out of a hat and those lucky people I pick will each get a Club Penguin Toy Coin Code!

Each coin code can unlock items for you penguin from the Treasure Book!




This video is a party invitation and a memory of the earliest time in the history of this site!

Make sure to view the video in high quality, which you can do by going here and clicking on the:


It looks a lot better that way!

The party will be a blast! I hope you can make it! See you there!



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  1. its not true

  2. I really need downloads I only got about 3 😦
    please download my Toolbar by Clicking one the links below :

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