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Club penguin cheats-multiple accounts and rockhopper

Hey Everyone im gona let you in ona lil’ secert today 😉

1st Click on “Dont have a penguin? Create a free acount now” create

Then just agree toall the rules then pick a colour

Then Enter a name pop

when you type in your e-mail put in +1 at the end of the name before you put @ look in this imageclick


Rockhopper Is close he is most likely to be here by friday rockhopper-comin


6 Responses

  1. What’s the point of this cheat?

  2. oh dude thanks that is so awesome of you

  3. srry bout the double comment

  4. hey clone can u advertise my site on yours im not getting much hits so if you can that would be great

    Clone:sure dude i will when i post the newspaper on thursday

  5. Its Detroit87 BTW

  6. Okay Clone I created a new site for
    after I quit CP its pretty cool
    its going to be like Luhy’s site
    If you have ever seen it

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