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Club penguin christmas party history

Hey everyone!!

Well,Today I have no cheat’s 😦 ,but I am going to teach some of you About the club penguin christmas party year’s 2005-2008

This was the 1st ever christmas party in 2005,The box that say’s “For you” Contained a red & Green christmas scarf inside.

This image here belog’s to “Paintboy100” Now before the christmas party in 2006 began,They put a tree up in the Plaza It’s The biggest tree that was ever in Club penguin.

This image belong’s to Antras (sorry for copying these image’s guy’s).

There is a tree in the middle between the pet shop & the Pizza parlor.You might be wondering : “Where’s the stage”? Well the didnt make the stage Until around october/November 2007 They were making a construction,but Nobody knew what it was here’s an image of construction: Yes this image belong’s to me clone 787.(My old penguin was Ratssafwevbn he joined in March 2007)

These were free item’s During the christmas party in 2007 The red scarf was later a free item a few day’s later.

Happy Holidays from Club Penguin!!

This was an image of the cove in 2007 im sorry, but i don’t have anymore Image’s

Well there’s not much to say about the Club penguin christmas party 2008,It’s still on Go check it out for yourself my favourite room is the ice rink because,It hasn’t been around since august what’s your’s/ Make a comment!

Sorry that there’s no cheat’s for Club penguin sorry Guy’s 😦 but feel free to look at the history 😉


3 Responses

  1. My Favorite room is probably the Dojo .

  2. i missed the ice rink im happy its back becus i get to scate in my snow scates lol rock on clone787 your the best

  3. Nice post clone! Thanks for posting it on our site! 😉

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