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Header and logo shop

Hey Everyone!!

I have opened a header and logo shop why? 
I opened the hader shop to help penguin’s who made a blog alot of people will give you great comment’s and they will come back more often 😀 .

Also soon i will open a page to help beginner’s with wordpress and make there blog’s succesful.

My blog isn’t like chewy’s or so because i started cheat’s 3 month’s after him and at that time he got in google fast because there was only about 100 blog’s at that time and i tagged mine as “Cpeventer” wich was the old name of this site.

Please order in the header shop! ~Clone


8 Responses

  1. sorry i forgot my peng picture here it is:http://i161.photobucket.com/albums/t240/erick_888/skape1.jpg

  2. please can you make me a header i really need one

    title:skape1´s cp cheats

    demensions:700-225 pixels

    colors: dark blue and white

  3. Please make me a header!
    Title: JG100’s Club Penguin Website
    Dimensions: 904 x 160
    Colors: Blue and Orange
    Penguin look: http://jg100.wordpress.com/2009/04/11/look/
    Extras/Backgrounds: Lighting or Fire Works
    WEBSITE: http://www.jg100.wordpress.com
    EMAIL: JG100@rocketmail.com
    Taddle1: Your header should be ready by next week (due to more work being done for clones improvement project)

  4. Penguin: http://img14.imageshack.us/img14/4508/amigoso.png

    Hope you can do it!

  5. Hello I know this is a header and logo but i would like a banner if you can make a banner just delete this comment:

    Title: Join The Amigos!
    Subtitle: Loyal,Trustworthy,Happy
    Backgorund: http://img14.imageshack.us/img14/106/universey.png

  6. Hello! To hide the header text go to Dashboards then settings. After you go there click General and I think it’s the second option. Delete what it says there and save! Comment back…


  7. Hey Nice Web> Im Gasnier 11. Keep up good work. Also if you would like 1 member penguin just comment on my web thanx!

  8. cool site comment back

    Hector 100


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