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Club Penguin cheats:Dj candence tracker

Hey everyone!!

Today i will give you tip’s on “How to find dj candence easily” read these tip’s below and you’ll be sure to find her soon enough.

The server’s she goes on the most are the most crowded one’s.

Candence is usually on for about 30 minute’s for each server.

Don’t give up! if you give up,you won’t find her so keep trying!

If you’re on a srver with no buddies and you think she’s there,open up “Penguin’s in the room list” and if you see a smiley face wich isn’t your buddy it’s bound to be her.

Here is what dj Candence’s player card look’s like:can1

Also if you can’t get into the night club on popoular server’s here’s a cheat i found

Sometime’s the night club may be full,but open up your spy phone and keep trying to teleport to the lounge.

That’s all for club penguin cheats!


4 Responses

  1. I know yeah, its stupid. A traker tracks them down so you can go straight to her.


  3. Where is she right now???????????????

  4. don’t you have a real tracker!?

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