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club penguin sports catalog and paint by letter’s

Hello Penguins!

You guys had some awesome guesses on Wednesday’s post about the new items in the Snow and Sports catalog. Check them out today (you’ll find the catalog inside the Sport Shop), and let us know what you think. We want to know all the ways that you and your friends are going to show your creativity in Club Penguin with the new gear!

In other news: Every week a new poll comes out on the Club Penguin website in the community section. This week it’s about some of the Stage plays. Check it out!

Until then…Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

Paint by letter’s isn’t released yet.keep checking back for the cheats for it.

That’s it for club penguin cheats !


9 Responses

  1. that issues out now

  2. Hey Clone,

    your hit counter says lets get 75,000 and you’ve got 95,000.


    Clone:Im trying to fix it but theres something wrong with it thanks for letting me know! ~Clone

  3. Hey yo clone.
    Its your friend Lil Suad from Ojoc’s blog 🙂

    Thanks for the comment!
    Nice post keep up the awesome work.

    ~Lil Suad~

  4. Yeah you have to pay. It’s called a domain. A lot of people have it. It costs $15. Each credit is $1 each.


  5. What is a css? (sorry if i am asking alot of questions!)

  6. Where did u get the clone787.COM? Did you have to pay for the com part?

  7. Clone, how did ur site become SO asuccsessful? My site only has 800 hits, and its not going up. 😦

  8. Um clone i know you migth not let a lot of pppl join ur site but can i plz join plz…
    i visit ur site mostly everyday but i dont comment
    my email is megadeath22@gmail.com

    Clone:Alright you have a job as an author you must work your way up now you must have long post’s at leats 50 word’s minimum no cursing or swearing our hits are really good but don’t make bad post’s because they’ll drop then justg have fun ! ~Clone

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    Can you attend Sheevmista1.com’s
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    Here is the Info:

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