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Hi!  My Name is 1Wally15! I am posting this for the people who are new here. I am one of the Authors. Clone is one of my best friends if you ask me! If you would ask me questions, here are the answers.

Q:Whats your favorite food?
A:I really like Pizza, Tacos, and Steak. Yum.

Q:How long have you been blogging?
A:It will be a year in April!

Q:When are you quitting?
A:I will quit in June/July.

Q:How tall are you?
A: 5ft2
Also, I like Basketball, Football, Clubpenguin, RuneScape, and much, much more. I have a really big life.

My penguin is Wallybob
My Email is 1wally15@gmail.com Email me anytime!
My original wordpress name is 1Wally15. Right now I have changed it to 1W15.
My penguin: Ninja, Secret Agent, Tour Guide, Member, EPF Agent, Coin Codes, Book Codes, and More!
My icon and penguin are here:


If you have any questions, you can Comment on this post, or email me!
Over n out!


7 Responses

  1. My best friend is 5ft 10
    LOL I am 5 feet tall
    I feel short ohh well 1/3 of the
    6th grade is shorter than me
    And some are like 4 inches shorter

  2. I am 5 foot seven.
    i am in the eighth grade.

    Clone:Awesome im the same 😀 but im 5 foot 8

  3. Im in 5th grade though!

  4. wow! Then i’m short! I am like 4 foot 10! I am also in 4th grade…

  5. Detroit if you think wally’s tall im 5 foot 8

  6. how do i email you whats your email but mine is sammyvip@yahoo.com or go to youtube and you can find my channel by pooting a shout out for mileyfan258 on you its one of my vids so please tell

    sihned play play46

  7. Dang you
    Ur taller than me cuz I am
    4’11 or ‘5
    At least there are people shorter than
    Me at my school

    Wally: Ha! I’m in fifth grade! lol. Don’t be effected by your height. Whats on the inside? Thats what counts dude.

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