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Toy update!

Update:Woop! I am going to oldham tomorrow because there is a disney store & hopefully they will have some penguin toys left! i will get aleast 3 and give them away here on this site so check back tomorrow!

Hey Guys, Salty Posting!

Club Penguin are bringing out some more club penguin toys! WOOP

Sometime really soon you’ll see new 6″ Limited Edition penguins and 2″ Mix & Match figures at North American Toys’R’Us locations, North American Disney Stores and Theme Parks, at the Club Penguin Online Shop, and in Disney Stores in the UK.


Me and Brad will be having a contest  to win a coin code when we get a new club penguin toy!

Well that is all for now! Tell us what you think about this new toy update!



20 Responses

  1. woo hoo!

  2. yaay!


  4. Hey Cpsalty! Thanks for the comment!

    P.S. Your blog is cool!

  5. Cheers hari! and awesome site!


  7. lol! cheers for commenting and randomness eh?

  8. hey whatsup! nice site and kewlio post. justa commentin back! oh yeah! btw u will need to know this fact about me, i am sort of a random person some times! so if i totally say something off the subject, its not weirdness, just randomness! 🙂 😉

  9. Thank u fone4u we do it all for fun and are happy we have some fans! 🙂

  10. Cheers Ronaldo!

    We hope to meet u too! and no we are not brothers in real life! 😀

  11. Hey!
    Awesome Post and wicked site!

    I hope one day i will meet u on deep freeze i play on frozen but i will go on deep freeze to see u both! 🙂 are u bothers in real?

  12. =0 I am like a huge fan of u and i just wanted to say that i know you will become really really famous so i just wanted to say hi becuase when your famous you wont want to talk to me =(


  13. Cheers for commenting everyone!

  14. Hey! Awesome Site && Thanks for commenting on my blog. Have Fun!

  15. I love the header and cool post.

  16. nice post!

  17. Sweet post!

  18. Nice post i am a fan of yours!. Have an awesome day man! 🙂
    ~Wacky Flip8~

    P.S. My site is cpcheatshome.wordpress.com! Thx dude.

  19. in case you did not see the comment on my site thank you for the nice comment your site is very cool to,


  20. nice site.

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