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Coin Code Party Invite!

Hey Guys, Salty Posting! Alot of penguins want a club penguin toy code right? so i am having a party and i will take pictures of the most active and they will go into a poll and the winner gets a series 2 coin code for the treasure book!

Cant Read?


When: Thursday 19th

Time: 10PST (6pm english time)

Sever: Sleet

Place: Dock

I hope to see you there & good luck!




35 Responses

  1. PLZ!


  3. VOTE MEE!


  5. ill be there!! 😀

  6. 😦 ill be on ultimate safe chat but ill be able to party! 🙂 my penguin is Tarbra

  7. I was be there 😀
    if poll come
    I tell my friend to vote me 😀

  8. Woo! you can come thats awesome m8!


  9. ok. I can come. I have vacation week. 🙂

  10. Its 6pm english and 1pm american i think i am soooo sorry to people who cant make it! We will be having others!

  11. please visit http://www.cphelp.co.nr for the best CP cheats

  12. Is this am or pm pst? if it is am, i cant go due to school

  13. Where about do u live! america its 1pm i think! in england its 6pm! Hope you can come!

  14. If thats 10 P.M. PST, I cant come. ! AM in the morning for me. 😦

  15. Ill still be in school at 12pst.DANG IT

  16. Alot of people say that and i am really, really sorry i thought it was half term for everyone but not in america i am really sorry the next one will be at 12PST i cant change it because people already know!

  17. Yh sure join party eh?

  18. AWW I HAVE SCHOOL.Can u have it like three hours later.

  19. my name is puffel dent

  20. Cool im definately coming

    But can i have it joint my penguin partys then as well

  21. Yeh sure!

  22. oh cool ill be there my penguin name is speed 37 oh and do u think u could add me after all ur in my army aka milyuk4 on youtube

  23. Hey Guys! i know you all want coin codes and if it was up to me i would get all of u one cuz i have alot of money but no my mum says dont waste your money on those toys that u buy only for the code! anyway i manged to ask my grandma and grandad and they said they will take me and i am gonna at at least 3 at the most 5 i will be giving 1 to the winner and keep aleast 2 for me lol and if i get 5 i will give 2 away to lucky people! 🙂

  24. 6pm english tie same as irish time…sure i’ll be there also if you e-mail a series 2 coin code to redrocket@live.ie i’ll gurantee you loads and loads of hits ill put your banner on my site wich will get you 20 refers a day and ill give you my secret for hits

  25. Join The NACP, My new Club Penguin Army. To join click here.

  26. Can’t go!I will be at school!

  27. Hey cool site, and I will try to come to your party because I need a toy code lol


  28. Hope to see you there brucey! You all have the chance of winning and remember STAY ACTIVE!!!

  29. Maybe next time u can make it because i am sure i will get codes again!

  30. Hey! Unforunately, I can’t make it, however, if you donated one of those Coin Codes to me, you would get to win all of these prizes:

    -Buddies with Woton FORVER!
    -Author on my site FOREVER!
    -A penguin over 1000 days old!
    -A HUGE post written about you with a picture of your penguin and a link to your site!
    -A banner with a link to your site on my sidebar FORVER!
    -On my blogroll FORVER!
    -Penguin of the Day!

    Email me at cpwoton@gmail.com if you can!


  31. I will try and make it 🙂

  32. im soooo going
    im gonna go hyper lol

  33. Hey, thanks for the comment on my site. Sorry, buy I had too edit the part where you advertised. SORRY!

  34. Woo! i will be delighted to check ur site out!

  35. I am so there dude. Hey could you check out my site please. And if you like it could you maybe advirtise it in one of your posts? Its new and only has 400 hits so I would really appreciatte it.

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