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3 coin codes and card-jitsu!

Hey Guys, Salty posting!

You will never belive this! i went on the bus to oldham that took 1 hour drive and they didnt have any toys in the disney store they said only the big stores have them! But they did have some card jitsu cards so i bought 3 😀 i used 2 already and have one spare for mr tickel!

When i got home i was really sad 😦 because i had no coin code for the party! But my mum saved the day! lol and she bought 3 toys and codes from the disney store online 😀 and she didnt know i had bought some card jitsu and bought me another 3 packs! so i have 3 spare if anybody wants one 🙂


58 Responses

  1. Hi can i please have a code because i have been looking for one for6 months! they are practicly imposible to find!!!
    So could you please spare me one?

  2. send me the code also how do u get the coins?

  3. tell me the coin code

  4. send me one plzz!

  5. it says i have added u but i cant find u :/ try cp again when u come on can u be my buddy

  6. it says i already added u!

  7. i will cp ent working

  8. Can u add me on msn coz its not working for me, sam_footy_crazy@hotmail.co.uk

  9. cmon then please


  11. oh btw it is me but come on

    Where: Pool
    My name:mrkrabs987

    im wearing a white parka and i have a black puffle

    Whats ur name on it

  12. come on

  13. whats ur name on it again?

  14. im not a member

    Where: Pool

    my name is mrkrabs987

  15. i will be with a green puffle and i wear a white parka

  16. hurry up tyen quick!!

    Where: Pool

    my name is mrkrabs987
    can u be my buddy too?

  17. Yeh let me just do these updates!

  18. can u meet me on cp
    Where: Pool

    my name is mrkrabs987

  19. i cant find u on my contact list have accepted it,and i cant add u again.add me sam_footy_crazy@hotmail.co.uk

  20. oh kk,r u on now

  21. Yeah Yeah Its staly cuz thats my peng name! my nickname salty lol

  22. are u sure its staly

  23. thx salty ill add u now

  24. Lol my email is staly.vegas@hotmail.co.uk

  25. what da hell is ur email,how do i get it?

  26. k m8!!!


  27. Heyy Salty I added you on msn!
    Add me back!

  28. Its whoeva wins the poll mate get lots of people to vote for u! 🙂

  29. plz?

  30. can i have one salty? im in your vid and on your blog!!

  31. hey!! your cool!! im going to subscribe to you on youtube! your one like me cool!! XD!!

    if you have some toy codes i would want one! btw on cp can ya add me?



  32. I’ll take em! Please, i’m you’re biggest fan EVA!!!

    Email me at michelle_licudo@yahoo.com

  33. Cya there then!

  34. Hey Chido long time no talk eh? Well soz dude i cant you will have to come to the party and cheer for salty & tickel and make sure YOUR the most active! Also guys it doesnt matter if you dont win! Me and tickel will be getting alot more! Also have u heard we are giving away 2 card jitsu codes away at the party ASWELL!!!!!!!!!

  35. go to the swf treasure book lol!

  36. Well, Salty was born in america and moved over to england when he was 7 now he is 12 🙂 but brad was born in england and now lives in america he moved when he was 12 and he is 12 now lol

  37. Can i be on your blogroll? Your on mine!

  38. Are you from England? I am!

  39. i will trade a penguin for some, e mail me at peace_maker2626@yahoo.com and i swear on my life i will give you a penguin (if you want one that is) and stuff and i love this site!!!!! =^D

  40. YES!!! PLZ PLZ PZL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I REALLY WANT IT SOOOOO BADLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    PLZ PLZ PLZ!!!!!!!!!!! plz plz plz plz plz send it on the e-mail: sarawasim1998@hotmail.com plz plz plz! i want it verry badly and i will luv ur site 4 ever!!!! thanks,


  42. Can I have the code please I have never had a coin code before and I want to see what is in the catalog.

  43. oh an dif you think im just spamming
    my prove pic is on one of my post call “New Postcards!”

  44. (sry thatz all I got…) the other serie 2 code is for the site and Im not allow to use it
    plz reply on my site with ur answer

  45. wow your mom is really cool!
    my mom would never do such thing unless I buy it myself, lol
    waa…. im still at school during your party 😦
    it’ll be cool if you change it after [1 pst] though(but you dont have to)
    if you can’t, can I trade you a serie 2 code and in return, I’ll give you back a serie 1 code

  46. Could i plzz have a card code because they dont sell them close to me.I will even give you a penguin with over 3 thousand coins,but hes on safe chat.

    Email me at levontehudson@yahoo.com

    P.S.:I cant come to the party because ill be in school. 😦

  47. I would if u all one but everyone come to the party and maybe YOU could win a series 2 coin code!


  48. e-mail me one and ill gurantee you more than 6000 – 10,000 hits before saturday

  49. I’ll have one Salty.


  50. Cheers for putting us on your blogroll artic!

  51. Ill take one! this site is cool. Im putting it on my blogroll.

  52. dude! Come to the party! Maybe YOU will win!

  53. can i have one i never had a coin code or anything like that

  54. Hey spike! If you come to our par-tay! You have the chance of winning a club penguin series 2 coin code without giving us ANYTHING!


  55. ok please can i have a coin code and i will give you a rare penguin! ill give you a rare penguin for a coin code or a card jitsu code but i would prefer a coin code!

    email me for the penguin on spike768@msn.com


  56. K Salty.

    I’ll try to be at your party if theres nothing going around.

  57. k

  58. Ill take it email it to me at viljoenpe@telkomsa.net

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