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Club Penguin Puffle Party '09 & New Better Igloos Catalog!

Reminder: The results and winner will be said at 7pm sharp so get people to keep voting for YOU becauase anyone could win!  (Poll Underneath a couple of Posts!)

Hiya Guys, Tickel & Salty Posting! Here Are The Cheats For The Puffle Party!

Get A Free Bandana At The Cove


Get A Free Puffle Painting At The Stage By The Yellow Puffle! 😉


Also there is an awesome puffle feeding area at the snow forts!

Whoo Hoo! You can see Rockhopper in the distance making his way to Club Penguin! I Smell Rare Items Coming!


There is also a new puffle postcard!


That about does it for the Puffle Party, pretty cool but not much to do and only 1 free item! But its alryt! I really like the underground pool! Its been turned into a skateboarding area!

Now for the better igloo catalog



Club Penguin February – March Better Igloos



  • Stacking Washer and Dryer – 1,000 Coins
  • Ironing Board – 600 Coins
  • Map Area Rug – 450 Coins
  • Astro Barrier Poster – 75 Coins
  • Thin Ice Poster – 75 Coins


Red Furniture

  • Plastic Deck Chair – 400 Coins
  • Book Case – 450 Coins
  • Coffee Table – 300 Coins
  • Chair – 300 Coins
  • Couch – 500 Coins
  • Bean Bag Chair – 350 Coins


Puffle Posters, whats your favorite Puffle Poster?

  • Puffle Posters (Purple, Yellow, Black, Blue, Red, Green and Pink) – 75 Coins Each


All Pets Included With The Furniture ! If they weren’t, it would be a major rip off! And I Would Sew!

  • Fish Bowl – 200 Coins
  • Koi Pond – 450 Coins
  • Blue Birdhouse – 170 Coins
  • Turtle Bowl – 250 Coins
  • Bird Cage – 350 Coins

That is a lot of new stuff!  But there are not as many cheats!

February – March Better Igloos Cheats


Click the Pinata for the Aquarium (Fish Included – 500 Coins


Click the Left Snow Fort Pillar for the Green Birdhouse (200 Coins)



Click the Velvet Rope for the Welcome Mat (75 Coins)


I Wanted You All To See This! Its In The Better Igloo Catalog! Its Cool!

Well Its A Sweet Party, Sweet Catalog, Sweet Everything!

Hope you have a great time playing with your puffles at the puffle par-tay!  😀

Cya! 😛


3 Responses

  1. Great tips to follow. Being professional and showing them there’s more to come I think are the most important. You need to give them a great article, that makes them want to come back. And then make sure you don’t disappoint.

  2. Yeh! I love the underground pool! And also i got band for buying the red chair in the better igloo’s catalog!


  3. ~ I think the puffle party has been the best party in a while! 😀

    and new furniture is cool

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