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White Puffles Spotted In Club penguin

Club penguin are sharing a  puffle video with us

Click here to watch the puffle video!

Hey Guys, Salty Posting!

WOW!!! White puffles are coming to club penguin! Woop! Here is a picture of one hiding in the bushes at the dojo courtyard


The white puffle appears aleast every 30 minutes the newspaper said white puffles could he hiding all over the island.I was hoping the new puffle was orange, but still the new white puffle rocks! i wonder when they will be coming into the pet shop for us to buy!

I must admit they give us alot of clues!


That is on top of the dojo. I think Club Penguin put that there before the party launched.


That was in the Club Penguin banner they made.Anyway have you seen any white puffles? Where did you find them? I would love to know so just drop a comment!

Keep checking back for more club penguin sweeet cheats!



35 Responses

  1. Yeah sure! Wait Mate!

  2. What a great site dude!!!
    Wanna add each other to our blogrolls?


  3. Woot!
    I bought Css and Domain 😉

  4. I am making an unlimated links! & thanks snowy & agent!

  5. Woot! Nice Post!

  6. Cool site 🙂


  8. Same!

  9. Same!

  10. Lol! I told Salty about that =]

  11. cool! post, so excited for white pufles

  12. Fanks! Me and tickel are working on salty & tickel adventures we are filming right this second! 🙂

  13. Cool site.

  14. lol cheers and i know its club penguin video and i will check ur site out!

  15. Oh nvm! That’s all famous peeps! LOL

  16. Oh… Can i be on this blogroll?

  17. Great Site! It seems updated, most things spelled right, Great Job! Hope you have fun with this site! I thought the puffle vid was awesome! I know you did not make it.
    ~ Lil Potts

  18. hey can i be author? comment BACK!
    if yes , use this email to add:
    its the site email , not mine

  19. Good idea! slider

  20. idk! Ask tickel lol

  21. Can I be on your blogroll guys?

  22. heyy! its slide! i think it will turn invisible and play card jitsu wit us!

  23. Awesome Post!

    -Jx 95

  24. Nice Post!


  25. cool post

  26. Cheers!

  27. it was awsome man

  28. i like this site;d

  29. i saw the white puffle it was awesome!!! 😀

  30. lol a ninja puffle awesome lol it might be to do with sensi!

  31. I said at the least 30 minutes! it could go up to 1 hour! My friend has also seen it on the mountin

  32. i think its gonna be a ninja puffle

  33. wow! i have only seen it twice!

  34. i wait 30 minutes nothing happens

  35. I saw the white puffle four times it was amasing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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