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Find the White Puffle!

Hey Penguins!

If you haven’t found the White Puffle yet, you’re in for a treat. Here are the times you can meet the White Puffle! So… Get searching!!!

–Penguin Standard Time–

12:00 – Dojo Court Yard
12:15 – Ski Hill
12:30 – Dojo Court Yard
12:45 – Ski Hill
1:00 – Dojo Court Yard
1:15 – Ski Hill
1:30 – Dojo Court Yard
1:45 – Ski Hill
2:00 – Dojo Court Yard
2:15 – Ski Hill
2:30 – Dojo Court Yard
2:45 – Ski Hill
3:00 – Dojo Court Yard
3:15 – Ski Hill
3:30 – Dojo Court Yard
3:45 – Ski Hill
4:00 – Dojo Court Yard
4:15 – Ski Hill
4:30 – Dojo Court Yard
4:45 – Ski Hill
5:00 – Dojo Court Yard
5:15 – Ski Hill
5:30 – Dojo Court Yard
5:45 – Ski Hill
6:00 – Dojo Court Yard
6:15 – Ski Hill
6:30 – Dojo Court Yard
6:45 – Ski Hill
7:00 – Dojo Court Yard
7:15 – Ski Hill
7:30 – Dojo Court Yard
7:45 – Ski Hill
8:00 – Dojo Court Yard
8:15 – Ski Hill
8:30 – Dojo Court Yard
8:45 – Ski Hill
9:00 – Dojo Court Yard
9:15 – Ski Hill
9:30 – Dojo Court Yard
9:45 – Ski Hill
10:00 – Dojo Court Yard
10:15 – Ski Hill
10:30 – Dojo Court Yard
10:45 – Ski Hill
11:00 – Dojo Court Yard
11:15 – Ski Hill
11:30 – Dojo Court Yard
11:45 – Ski Hill

**Credit goes to Kingpin2 for the list**

Best wishes to find the white puffle!



7 Responses

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  2. Clone. You never made me an admin yet. You said you were going to, but you never did. Credit for a list of times and rooms? Okay…

    P.S. I am sorry, just very stressed out!

  3. i email clone

  4. I know clones email

  5. Sorry for the misunderstanding. I want the text in the comment box bigger, but the text in my sidebar back to normal size.

  6. I think you should give the credit to kingpin2

  7. Clone? Can you please make the text in my text boxes next to normal size?

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