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Hey everyone!!

There’s nothing happening today so I’m having a party on march 21st! see the image for detail’s:

Party starts soon!!! Starting at sleet dock!!!! we will update as we go along!!!!! Most Active will GET  3 RARE PENGUINS THAT ONLI I KNOW THE PASS TOO!


33 Responses

  1. yesyes

  2. craaaaaaaaaaap i was at the movies

  3. thanks for adding me

    Clone:No problem dude 😉

  4. i’ll be there

  5. thanks for adding me!

  6. can i meet you someday and add you as a buddy, like the secret event that you can find above the welocome post on my blog

  7. It’s today, i can’t make it.
    I’m going to a bday party

  8. I added you to mine

  9. Can I be on your blogroll ?

  10. Hey Clone its Booga Nogga…Remember? Well anyway I wanted to say great job on your 200,000 hits! But also I am starting up my blog again and was wondering if you could just make a small post (not major) that my blog is opening up again. So thanks if you can but if you can’t I can understand!
    -Booga Nogga

    Clone:sure booga ill make a post tomorrow and if you have a banner ill put it on my site itll give you maybe around 15 reffers + each day

  11. coolest991 st. Patrick’s day party!

    when: 3/17/09
    time: 11:00 A.M. P.s.t. (penguin standerd time)
    server: bobsled
    place: dock!

    membership contest giveaway:

    1. come to my party!

    2. be in green

    3. Say coolest rocks!

    4. comment on this post

    5. add me and follow me at the party!

    6. advertise my party on your site (will give u a better chance of winning
    Please come! thanks bye

  12. hi clone (just wanted to say hi)

  13. im haveing a party today!
    Where: Server Tundra at dock
    When: 4 pm pst!

    some famous ppl will be there!
    and my pnguin name is Rock Band 09 because my others got hacked 😦

    ps. please come!

  14. you are already my buddy. remember me when we both met at the dock?

  15. hey clone!
    You are giving away detroit87
    and you better like it

    Give detroit87 away or… umm I haven’t thought
    of that yet but still give detroit87 away!
    P.S.- I am emailing you his pass as we speak

  16. Hey, I am salty!

    I am wishing you a happy Red Nose Day! 😀

    (Please Comment Back)


    Thank-You and have a terrific Day!


  17. How do you make text like that?

  18. I might come, I am also celebrating my 13,000 hits party and 2nd year party.

  19. Am I going to stay on your buddy list?

    Clone:yes. 😀

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    Thanks for your time!

    ~Macaroni Jim~

  21. thank you

    Clone:No problem but if i ever do remove you in the future (fat chance) its because others want to be my friend but you’ll be on my buddy list for a very long time 😉

  22. i am active

  23. Clone,
    im reealy sorry but i cant come because its too late for me to play on the PC

    plz dont delete me


    Clone:Don’t worry i won’t delete you because i see you nearly every day 😀

  24. Wallybob will be coming also. You will never believe this load of ****! Listen to this: Yesterday, I was looking at a house to move into, not so bad, right? Well we were thinking about moving into it, so we came back home to talk about it. And when we left, the house was sold.
    DO YOU BELIEVE THAT? IT HAD A POOL AND THE HOUSE WAS HUGE! I really wanted to go there, plus I’ve never moved in my life. 11 years 😦

    Clone:That sucks i moved once in my life also you should of told the guy who was selling it to hold it for you family

  25. Kowl!

  26. ok thx clone

    Clone:No problem

  27. hey i hope you dont delete me for a new buddy im already added

    Clone: i won’t delete you because i see you often only inactive buddies

  28. Go to link removed

    its great there

  29. Hi,
    Thanks! The party sounds awesome, i am knew to my blogging, cause i am making a co cheats blog as well, although i am not that good. Still only have 5, or 3 penguins writing to me so if you could please comment me that would be great:) I am going to try to come to the party.

    Dorian1453 says: We hope to see you there! 😀

  30. It would be a awesome detroit87
    quitting blast, but I am camping that
    weekend sorry

    Dorian1453’s response: Aww… That’s too bad. Make sure you can come for the next party then. 😉

  31. i might forget!

    Clone:I might make this as a sticky post so when you visit this site it will always be at the top of the site

  32. hi! plz add me, i called Sky Pengy 2 and im a HUGE fan of urs. plz plz plz plz add me!

    Clone:If you come to the party i’ll add you 😉

  33. Sounds fun! I will probably come…Unless I quit by then. No one is coming to my website anymore, so whats the point? No point, thats the point. I need to do something else. This kind of stuff makes me sad. It makes me think, what am I doing with my life? Unless some sort of mirical happens like I get 1,000 hits a day again, I think I will quit by the end of march.

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