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Club Penguin St Patrick Update!

Hey everyone!!
BillyBob made a post on the Club Penguin Blog and here is what he had to say:

Today’s the day that the green festivities begin, and there are a lot of surprises all around the island for you to discover! It’ll be up until March 17th, so try to check out all the areas… and let us know if you manage to find the end of the rainbow!

In other news: There’s some construction starting at the Stage today in preparation for the Penguin Play Awards show that’s coming next Friday. Let us know how you’re going to get involved!

The Party will be going on until Tuesday,so make sure to get your free hat at the Coffey shop!

Also im changing the site yet again but this time it could stay forever.

That’s it for club penguin cheats !


3 Responses

  1. cool post!

  2. Awesome post clone 😉
    I hope your new sight will be great like this one !
    ~ Lil Suad ~

  3. Hey, nice post! also, mine & jc4x4’s new site is back open! I am not sure if you remember it or not, anyways, you can vist it at http://clubpenguinbc.com make sure to comment! thanks!


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