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Club Penguin Stage Play – Penguin Play Awards & Igloo Catalog Cheats!

Hey Guys, Salty Posting!

Alot Of Things Have Come Out Today In Club Penguin And I have all the bestest cheats about them below! 😉

Firstly Check Out The Penguin Award Log In Screen!


Penguin Play Awards Voting Polls 


Then you select your favorite play in each category (I think Picked spuidzode because it was most fun) then click submit.

Then you select your favorite play in each category (I think Ruby & The Ruby smashes every other play there was) then click submit.


To end your voting click done and continue into the Stage (sorry, Members only). See the results at the Penguin Play Awards on April 3!

Penguin Play Awards 

For Non Members, This is what the stage looks like!


You can watch a short preview of the top 5 nominees on the Big Screen TV.


You can click on the Switchbox3000 to shoot out confetti, make a yellow puffle appear and more!


 You can head on Back Stage for a free Penguin Play Award!

This is what backstage looks like, its rumored Aunt Arctic may visit back here during the Awards.

You can collect a free Penguin Play Award for your penguin!


Head back to the Main Stage and check out the Costume Trunk for Costumes from the following plays:

  • Quest For The Golden Puffle
  • Fairy Fables
  • The Penguins That Time Forgot
  • Ruby and the Ruby
  • Squidzoid vs Shadow Guy and Gamma Girl

You can also get a Microphone on the first page before the costumes. 

Costume Trunk Cheats


Click on the Penguin Play Award for the Penguin Awards Background (60 Coins)


Click the Wig for the Cheap Time Travel Hat (10 Coins)


Click the word Vs for the Squidzoid Costume (600 Coins)

Now switching the topic to the new Igloo Catalogs! Check them out.

New Igloo Upgrades


Along with then new Better Igloos, there’s also a new Igloo Upgrades! There is one new igloo. :(


The new Restaurant Igloo is 4,800 Coins! :o

March – April Better Igloos


In this catalog you can buy all the items that where in the Pizza Parlor for the Penguin Games!



  • Super Nova Shadow Box – 400 Coins
  • Gamma Girl Shadow Box – 400 Coins
  • Shadow Guy Shadow Box – 400 Coins
  • Formal Table – 550 Coins
  • Formal Chair – 300 Coins
  • Electric Guitar Shadow Box – 600 Coins
  • Acoustic Guitar Shadow Box – 450 Coins

There’s only 1 page of new items. All the other pages are from the last catalog.

But There Are Lots Of Cheats!

March – April Better Igloos Cheats



Click the Gold Plack on the Guitar Shadow Box for the Disco Ball (700 Coins)


Click the word Puffle for the White Puffle Poster (75 Coins)



Click the Koi Pond for the Ice Table (350 Coins)


Click the Pinata for the Aquarium (500 Coins)


Click the Red Rope for the Welcome Mat (75 Coins)


Click on the left snow fort tower for the Green Birdhouse (200 Coins)

Five Snow Sculpture Winners

The first one is located in the Light House Becon and  is a bunch of famous penguins including Rockhopper, Sensei, Aunt Arctic, and Gary! This Sculpture was made by:



Congratulations Wubby98!

The second sculpture is located in the Light House and is a Castle made by a Yellow Puffle! The winner for this Sculpture was:


Congratulations Marco A9! 

The Third Sculpture is a bunch of Penguins and there Puffles, there Puffles appear to be playing. The winner of this Snow Sculpture was:


Congratulations Ice4biel! 

The Fourth Sculpture is at the Beach and is a Penguin Surfing! This Sculpture was made by:


Congratulations Rosette37

The last Snow Sculpture is at the Ski Village and is a penguin waving! This Sculpture was made by:


Congratulations Lucasbas!

Thats It For Friday’s Sweet Cheats!

Did you submit a drawing?

Be The First To Comment And Share Your Thoughts And Idea’s!



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  2. Hi.
    I love the white puffle poster that I bought, and the ice table!
    Thanks SO much for the hints.
    Thankful Penguin

  3. Wow! I am looking!


  4. hey i met aunt arctic and i got a signed background =)

  5. Cool, im gonna check it out now!

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