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Club Penguin Aunt arctic finding tips

Hey Everyone!!

If you didn’t know,But Aunt Arctic is going around club Penguin for a couple of week’s and here are some tips on finding Aunt Arctic

  • Aunt Arctic Is a green Penguin who wears a “Pink hat” and “A pencil”
  • She only does be Backstage so only members can see her
  • Shes is on at peak hours and she goes on servers such as Frozen,Mammoth and Blizzard them types of servers
  • Any servers that aren’t very popular and it’s crowded she’s most likely to be there
  • Here is what Aunt Arctics player Card looks like

  • If the Plaza is ever full Or Backstage is It’s most likely to be her

You can also meet other Penguins such as The Penguin Band,Gary and cadence So Far i have only Met “The Penguin Band” and “Cadence” the last time i Saw Cadence she was on Frozen

 If you see Gary or Aunt Arctic Please let me know!


6 Responses

  1. I met her on blizzard, just like the server you named(i also met her at the stage not backstage, and she also did go backstage though.)

  2. i met her in the just plain stage

  3. sorry to leave alot of comments but i want to know if it’s ok if im about 30 minutes late for the party

  4. I am so excited clone!
    this will be my first clbpenguin party
    plz add me if you can

  5. hey clone!
    i will be at ur party.
    add me if u can.
    my penguin name is ant99green
    plz add me!

  6. Haven’t seen them yet, but I will let you know! Can you put The Comedian’s Lodge on your blogroll please? Thanks!

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