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About Billybob

Hey Everyone!!

Not much happening,so i decided to make a Post About BillyBob.He is a Club Penguin Moderator and the founder of Club Penguin.I met BillyBob about 1 year ago (Check my archives for february 2008).

BillyBob logs onto Club Penguin every few month’s,I Found BillyBob on Mammoth a Year Ago and he used to dress like this:

For some Reason the Club Penguin Moderator Billybob didn’t show his `M` Sign I don’t know why though.

Club Penguin is a game from Canada made by BillyBob.

Well that’s really all the info i have on BillyBob I will have more news tomorrow .


2 Responses

  1. well idk who made it i was on pengu8in chat i saw rsnail but it said rocket snail witch stands for r in rsnail and billybob was there billybob said i didnt make it then rocket snail said i didnt make it billybob said rocket snail made it i think rocket snail said billybob made it i asked them to meet me on cp but they said i cant 😦

  2. Wrong! Not being man but cpp was invented by rsnail.But BillyBob was like the 1st mos apart from rsnail.

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