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New Club Penguin Martial Arts Catalog, Snow & Sports Catalog, and Game Upgrades!

Hey Guys, Salty Posting! 😀

Ok, Firstly The New Martial arts catalog is Here!



  • White Gi – 800 Coins


  • Tea Table – 650 Coins (Furniture Item)

Thats all of the new martial arts stuff! Now for some snow and sports!

Snow And Sports Catalog March’ 09


The front cover is the same from last March!


  • Blue Baseball Cap – 200 Coins
  • Blue Baseball Uniform – 600 Coins
  • Baseball Helmet – 300 Coins
  • Red Baseball Uniform – 600 Coins
  • Baseball Glove – 300 Coins


  • Pink Visor – 150 Coins
  • Pink Tennis Outfit – 450 Coins
  • White Head Band – 1oo Coins
  • Orange Tennis Outfit – 500 Coins 
  • Tennis Racket – 250 Coins
  • Tennis Shoes – 250 Coins


Snow And Sports Furniture March 09



  • Tennis Net 450 Coins
  • Tennis Court 700 Coins
  • Home Plate 150 Coins
  • Pitcher’s Mound 175 Coins
  • Bace 100 Coins


  • Climbing Wal 1000 Coins

Snow And Sports March 09 Cheats



Click on the Green Baseball Player in the background for the Green Baseball Uniform 


  • Green Baceball Uniform – 600 Coins 
  • Green Ball Cap 200 Coins


Click the Pitcher’s Mound for the Red Ball Cap (200 Coins)

New Game Upgrades and New Pin

Check Out The New Game Upgrades And Secrets!

Cove – Surfboard Catalog

Click On The Blue Peace Of Paper To Check Out The Mini Catalog!


  • Flower And Fire Surfboards – 400 Coins Each!


Click The ‘Waves’ In Catchin’ Waves for the Silver Surfboard (800 Coins)

Dock – Hydro Hooper Catalog

Click on the Red Peace of paper for the new Hydro Hooper Catalog!


Flower And Funny Arrow Hydro Hopper Wake Board For Only 300 Coins Each

Ski Lodge – Ice Fishing Catalog!

Click on the Light Blue peace of paper for the Ice Fishing Catalog!


Grab Your Own Fishing Rock For Only 200 Coins

New Pin – Top Hat

The New Top Hat Pin Is Located At The Lodge Attic!

Writing Font

Also The New Chat Font On Club Penguin Is Pretty Cool!

Do You Like It?

New Log In Screen

Check Out The New Log In Screen!


Pretty Cool Huh?

New Sensi Fun Activity

Check Out The New Fun Activity In The Community! You Can Draw Sensie Now! Just Click On The Picture Below And You Can Go Straight To Full Picture Of It And Then You Can Print It And Colour It!

Fun Activites

Thats All For Friday’s Sweet Cheats!

Comment And Share Your Idea’s 😉



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  2. Your site is cool!

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    THX for the cheats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hola! I saw you commented on my site, Salty. I decided to check out yours! It’s awesome!!

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  6. Hey Salty,

    Thanks for the awesome comment you wrote on Poptropica Help Blog! Keep up the good work on your blog; it’s fantastic! 😀

    ~Scary Tomato


  8. Hey salty thanks for that comment 🙂
    Your site is cool to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Im glad you like mine!
    Thank you

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    Thank You for the Cooperation .

    Also you made a nice post !

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