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Club Penguin April Fools Party 2009!

Hey Guys, Salty Posting!

I am so sorry this is late, Its because i have just bought css and i am trying to find out how to work it lol

So here are the cheats! 😉

There is one free item and two member rooms!!! Be Silly, Be Happy and Prank around on April Fools Day because I will!

April Fools Party Free Item

The Blue Propela Hat is at the Mine and it is a Returned Item Now!

Box Room (Members Only)

To enter the Box Store go to the Snow Forts and walk over to the Box that sais Box Store (Box Store Is For Members Only)

Now that your in the Box Store you can check out the cool Box Catalog!  You can eather walk over to the ‘Purches Boxes Here Box’ or you can click on the ‘Box Store’ box in the bottom right hand corner!

Box Store Catalog


  • Large Box – 120 Coins
  • Medium Box – 100 Coins
  • Small Box 75 Coins

Now I will show you how to get in to another wacky member room!

The Box Dimention Room

Ok I’m going to show all of you members how to get in to the Box Dimention Room heres a simple 4 Steap Guide showing How!

1. Go to the box store and open up the catalog by clicking ‘Purchas Boxes Here‘ and then buy the Portal Box (200 Coins)


2. Then go to your Igloo and pur the portal box in your igloo

3. Now steap in to the Portal Box and you will end up in this crazy, freakey purple box world place called the Box Dimention!

Thats All For Wednesday’s Sweet Cheats!



10 Responses

  1. There is no box pin! 😉

  2. Where is the box pin at?

  3. Thanks Everyone! I am really stuck! I dont know how to change the writing in the comment box! If Any One Could Help me i would be very greatfull!

  4. I think its pretty cool! If you go around the diffrent places and click stuff things pop out and makes you jump! 😉


  5. Very odd party….

  6. Great new CSS!

  7. nice css!
    the party is awesome

  8. Hello! Great Post!!!!!!!!! I was wondering if i could be author. If yes , the site’s email ( not miu[ne , just the sites )

    if yes and you want to be author on my site comment saying yes , and with your email

  9. salty update in mine i cant coz cp not loading

  10. Has everyone checked out the party?


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