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Club Penguin April '09 Penguin Styles Catalog & Penguin Play Awards Results! =)

Hey Guys, Salty Posting! =)

The New Penguin Styles Catalog Is Here. Finally! We Have Been Waiting Awhile And Guess What? Club Penguin Have Brought Back OLD items! 😦

Anyway, Here Are The Cheats…

Firstly Click The First Coffee Cup For The Black Graduation Hat!

Its Exaclty the same as the blue one! Club Penguin Just Changes The Colour Of The Item.

Also If You Click Where Both Spotlights meet thats where the red viking helmet is hiding! Also if you click and click off it twice you get the blue viking helmet! 😉

Lastly, If You Click In The Middle Of The Purple Hoddie You Can Recieve The Pink Boa!

Click On The ‘FEE’ For The Spikester


Click the Pink Tile in between the 2 penguins for the Spikette


Click The Pot of Gold for the Pot of Gold


In Other News, Look Who Won The Penguin Play Awards! I am not very Happy With The Results. I wanted the squidzoid To Win Because The Costumes Where Really Good!  I dont think Quest Of The Golden Puffle Was Very Good. I thought Ruby And The Ruby Would Have Also Got Close To Winning Because It Had 2 Pins!


Thats It For Friday’s Sweet Cheats! 😀

Tune In Next Time For Super Duper Cheats! 😉



11 Responses

  1. Thanks for visiting my site!

    o h and good cheats!

  2. nice post hope you were happy with the penguin play awards results i wanted a different play the gold puffle has been on 3 times now.any way nice secrets and love the dissapearing name cheat did u find that out yourself?

    waddle on 13coolkid14 (Xdamex says hi)

  3. Thanks!

  4. Awesome site, I like the blue background!!!!

  5. Add me to your blogroll.i have added u to mine!
    reply at my site.
    gulchi 🙂

  6. The Pink boa one is already there! I will add the pot of gold now!

  7. bro u missed 2 hidden items.
    in purple hoodie pocket theres boa
    and last page pot of gold but dont worry =D
    anyway you prob got them!

  8. Awsome im gonna try

  9. lol nice cheats but u missed two

  10. hey cool sight!

  11. COOL! I am going to check it out.

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