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Club Penguin’s Hidden Names Cheat

Click Here for the april ’09 penguin style catalog cheats!

Hey Guys, Salty Posting! 🙂

I found this really cool cheat today which lets your computer hide all the other penguin names on a server. Unfortunetly, it is a members only cheat, but it’s rather intresting! Here is how to do this cheat.

Step 1: Log into Club Penguin and go to the Box Shop, you can get to the Box Shop by going to the Snow Forts. Once in the Box Shop, open up the Box Store and purchase a Portal Box.


Step 2: Go to your igloo and take the Portal Box that you just purchased out of your storage. Place it anywhere in your igloo, (it doesn’t matter where) and then have your penguin waddle away from the box.

Step 3: Finally, click on the Portal Box, but right before for you are about to teleport, click edit igloo

Step 4: You will then be teleported to the teleportation room, and you will not be able to see your name or any other penguins names!

 Pretty cool right? You will also not be able to see any other penguin talk. You can go around to every room on Club Penguin as well and it will be the same as the teleportation room, you will not be able to see any names nor anyone talking. This will continue until you log off. If you can find a way to make this work for non-members, let me know in a comment!



11 Responses

  1. hi

  2. Heyy Salty Thiss Iss Tiamarshall I’vee Seen Youee Onn Clubpenguin Manyy Timess.
    I Wass Justt Wonderinggg, YOuu Saidd Youuu Wentt In A Disneyy Storee Andd Founnd SOme off The Toyy Thinggss,
    Whatt Disneeyy Storee Wass Itt Inn?
    Thankss Tiamarshall.

    Salty: It was a disney store right next to where i live! 🙂 In manchester at the arndale!

  3. You can also return to having names by going back to your igloo, pressing “Edit Igloo” again, then pressing “Save Igloo” to return to being able to chat, see names, etcetera. :]

  4. Hey Salty, nice post! I posted the same thing after I figured it on my own.
    Anyways, plz come ot my 15,000 hits party!
    Date: April 12
    Time: 1:00
    Server: Flurry
    Place: Dock
    Hope u can make it!

  5. Wow!! Salty this cheat is genius we will use it on are site and owe all credit to you including a special link to your blog thank you (please comment back on my site)
    Xdamex and 13coolkid14

  6. Actually, just click the edit button again instead of logging off.

  7. Cool site…i got you comment on my site and thanks for what you said…i will visit here a lot to

  8. sick man

  9. We will try!

  10. Hey Salty and Tickel! I am having a party today! Here is the info:

    Ninja Party!
    Time: 6:00PST
    Date: April 4
    Server: Sub Zero
    Where: Dojo Courtyard, then we will go to the Dojo, then the NINJA HIDEOUT!
    Why: I am going to turn 700 days old!!!

    I hope you guys can make it!!!


  11. same here yo have a nice site well cya


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