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Club Penguin Rockhopper in Disney World Update

Rockhopper will be visiting Disney World from April 30th – May 13th. Many of us aren’t able to go to Florida to see Rockhopper, but if you can tell us about it.



Rockhopper will be visiting Hollywood Studios in Florida. If you manage to see him make sure you post a comment or email us about it!


39 Responses

  1. ok then

  2. If Anythign It Should Be Liek 20,o00 Hits IDK its his opption

  3. 😦 i dont have 50,000 hits. you should have it like 2,000 less then you have, becuase i have mroe hits then u, and i cant get on your blog roll, doesnt make much sense…..

  4. Hey dude! Im getting the CSS but I dont know how to do it! What is the code for the background and for the header u used for urs?? I also wanted to know how to make a comment thing like urs? Please let me know in email! email me at coolest991scheats@gmail.com telling me how! thanks! bye!

  5. ?

  6. I Figured Out The Comment Thing!

  7. Thanks Salty For The Support Are You Awake Now And Can You Help Me?

  8. Woah! The font on the comment box is cool! Why Is the comment box bigger? :/

  9. i know! lol

  10. Man you guys need an MSN or something.
    You like to talk!

  11. I will have them soon though! lol
    And i will ask lettuce to do the chat thing!

  12. Salty why do you make it so you have to have 50,000 hits and then you can be on your blogroll? You don’t even have 50,00 hits! Do you know what i mean?

  13. no it doesn’t. try it.

  14. it Doesnt? It should !

  15. the only trouble is is that it does not link to your chat.

  16. That’s cool!

  17. Its in the sidebar now! Check it out!

  18. Cool! Sorry i havnt been commenting i was making a new chat box widget! It looks pretty cool!

  19. cool!

  20. Cool! I might be going to Florida this summer!

  21. i know what u mean. Ask snowbossi! he knows.

  22. thx now i can ask lettuce. Um, what was i gonna say? oh yeah, when you sign out of the chat it says so – oh, it doesn’t matter you’re just gonna say “Ask Lettuce!”

  23. I Am Trying to get a picture where it says comments (16)! You know what i mean?

  24. Now Thats Somthing you got to ask lettuce for! He does all that techical work! I just do the designs! 😉 And he helps with the designs! Lol

  25. So yeah i love the font, and uh, how did you make that thing that says something like “Welcome to Salty and Luttucejr’s chat!” when you visit your chat?

  26. No, I don’t like it. In fact, I LOVE IT!!!!

  27. Yea, A Very Good Friend! Do you like the font in the comment box?

  28. oh right he is a good friend! 😀

  29. Nope, Not that good! here are the things he gave me.

    1. His Blogroll
    2. Followed me on twitter
    3. Good Friend & Supports me all the way! 🙂

  30. oh, i see i’m sorry. do you mean like a coin code or xats and days?

  31. He Gave Me Alot In Return! 😉

  32. vinny60 doesn’t and he’s on your blogroll!

  33. Sorry! You dont have 50,000 hits!

  34. Salty can I be on your blogroll please?

  35. I live in the UK too!

  36. Hey lettucejrcp,salty,Kyle im have a 300 hits party vist my site for the details hope you guys come

  37. waht im trying to say
    can you help get me a pic in the comment box

  38. Its ok Coolest991. The party wasnt all that good anyway. Next time we will have a better one (I hope so). 🙂

  39. sweet! Sorry I couldnt come to the party, I tryed me best, I had a game at the same time….. 😥

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