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Glowing Penguin!

Hey Penguins! Lettucejr here with some awesome news! So, you’ve heard the Medieval Party that is out right now in ClubPenguin. And the new stage! Well, I have an awesome cheat that includes costumes at the stage. First off, buy the ghost costume. Then, buy the Flash Light. And then when you’ve bought those 2 items, go to your inventory, and put ONLY THOSE 2 ITEMS and then press (D) on your keyboard or on the screen and your penguin will glow.

glowingThats awesome right? Tell me what you think about this Cheat and The Medieval Party! Just comment below and have FUN!! Also, go down go check out the contest that I made or click Here!


14 Responses

  1. that is soooo awsome!


  3. Hey Guys,
    Uhhhh… Oh Yeah! Hey Salty, Can You Take Me Off You blogroll And Add penguincheatscpcp.com kuz thats were im gonna be working from now on sooo yeah!

  4. I think Moon Man 2 told him….

  5. Amazing how you were able to figure that out!

  6. The Old Background rocked! And if the new one isnt that good. we will change it back to the old one! =)

  7. Hey salty

    thanks lettuce for finding this out coz i did it and ppl actualy crowded me asking me how to do it and saying is it a glitch but its pretty obvious it isnt a glitch coz you have the items and you dance.
    well cant wait for the new bakground coz the grey one is boring but as salty said a new one is coming even tho i reallt liked the old background well bye.

  8. Thx Mckenzie6814

  9. it’s kwl huh
    i am you’r biggest fan salty , lettucejr and painted dark . I remember when salty had his own site but it got hacked 😦 any way this site is on my favourites. Oh yeh i go on this site everyday i think this site is better than mimos 😛

  10. CHeck out my new pic!

  11. Guys, This grey background isnt here to stay! Lettuce is making a new background while we are speaking! =) But it doesnt take 2 minutes because we put alot of effort and thought into our designs and we want it to be simpley the best! =) =] =P =D -_- < lol

  12. Awesome!

  13. Nice Post Dood! =) I saw sombody doing this when i was making the new medival party and stuff post but i didnt know how to do it! Well Done In Finding Out! 😉

  14. Tell me what you think! =]

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