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Rockhopper Arrives Closer to the Club Penguin Island!

Hey everyone! Today I noticed Rockhopper through the telescope at the Lighthouse Beacon, and he is coming very close to the Club Penguin island! You can even see a better view of what his ship will look like when it arrives. Check it out.


Pretty cool, huh? What do you think all of the plants, vines, and trees are for? Hopefully there won’t have to be another “Save The Migrator” project again! Maybe it could be a cool new location setup for the Summer Party ‘09! What do you think? Comment with your thoughts! Rockhopper should be here sometime by Friday. Tell me what you think.

In other news: The new Card-Jitsu Decks, along with the other ones, have finally arrived to the UK! All of the people in the UK can now buy Card-Jitsu Trading Cards at a local toy store, so if you liv ein the UK, be sure to check them out! They’re pretty cool. The cards also come with a code that you can enter on the Club Penguin website which will allow you to unlock new cards to help you in your Card-Jitsu games! Pretty cool, right?

Well, that’s all for now. Keep checking back for more Club Penguin Cheats! Waddle on!



9 Responses

  1. hey salty you never added me back as author… kylecage16@aim.com is my wordpress email

  2. He might arrive tomorrow but its most likey he will arrive on friday. Lettuce left. btw

  3. If some of you dont know who i am im the new author

    He arrives friday,its the most likely

    He could bring another party back but i cant remember what its called

  4. hey salty! do you know when he will arive?

  5. Woah! Great information shamu! Thanks! ;]

  6. hey salty

    i think that rockhopper is bringing that desert island which he brought in september 08 but i wasnt a member then.
    aslo you could probarly buy trees and bushes. the free item i thinks its a old item.

  7. nah i already got it so i want it to be that belt or the black pirate hate with the skull on it, a bit like rockhoppers and that means we can all look like him!

  8. me to that would be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Woa! What Do You Guys Want To Be The Free Item? I Hope Its the life vest.


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