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Club Penguin Rockhopper Tracker Cheats & Tips – How to Find Rockhopper!

Hey Everyone! As Most Of You Know, Rockhopper Has Arrived To Club Penguin. I Have Made a brand New 100% Accurate Rockhopper Tracker To Help You Find Rockhopper On His Travels Around Club Penguin. This Rockhopper Tracker Is Updated Everytime Rockhopper Is Online On Club Penguin So Remember To Keep checking back and keep refreshing the page ( Pressing F5 is an easier way to refresh the page ) Here is the new Rockhopper Tracker.

Note: If You Refresh Alot Its More Of a Chance You Will Get The Update Before AnyBody Else and Will Get To Rockhopper Before The Room He Is In Becomes Full.

Club Penguin Rockhopper Tracker

Current Status: Online!

  • Last seen on server:Deep Freeze
  • Last seen in room: Dock

Now, I will Tell You Some exclusive Tips On How To Find Rockhopper On Club Penguin. Check Them Out:

  • Take note that Rockhopper usually logs on to Club Penguin servers with 4 – 5 bars on them.
  • Rockhopper’s most favorite servers to visit are Mammoth, Frozen, Snow Cone, and Blizzard.
  • His favorite rooms are the Dock, Pizza Parlor, and the Migrator. He will most likely be found here.
  • Rockhopper stands out with his Pirate Hat, and usually has a big crowd surrounding him.
  • If you think that you have found Rockhopper, click on your buddy list icon and check the users in the room.
  • Rockhopper is always online, so check back constantly at spq96.com for the latest Rockhopper cheats.
  • Refresh the page for the latest Rockhopper Tracker updates (or press F5 on your keyboard).
  • One of the most easiest ways to find Rockhopper is to create a search group with some friends.
  • Talk with other penguins and help each other find Rockhopper on an online chat group
  • If you find Rockhopper, comment on this post with his current location immediately after you find him! Thanks!


If You Refresh The Tracker Above Alot. Its Helpful In Case Of immediate Updates On Rockhopper’s Location. Also, leaving a comment on this post with Rockhopper’s current location would also help a lot. Well, have fun tracking Rockhopper, and enjoy the Rockhopper Tracker! I will be updating it a lot this weekend, so be sure to check back!

If you meet rockhopper hes handing out a new background heres what it looks like:

Well, Thats All For Now. Keep Checking Back At This Site For Club Penguin Exclusive’s! Waddle On!




21 Responses

  1. i got 70% 😦

  2. hi iMmonpuk

    ok i will try it out

    ~mrkrabs~(new owner)

  3. Hello many of u may not now but im part of salts site,
    thansk for all the positive feedback


  4. Hello Salty, as I commented on my site: once I make a blogroll I’ll definitely put you up.

    ~Slippey~ P.S. You have one of the best cheat sites!

  5. thanks for the comment on my site if you add me on your blogrole than i will add you nice trackor too

  6. Amazing site! Thanks for commenting on my site. I will definately put you on my blogroll. 😉

  7. awesome rh tracker

  8. Yeah! My Tracker Updates Alot.


  9. Hey salty
    Thanks for commenting on my site! 🙂
    Good rh tracker! I found him with ur tracker 😀

  10. Ok i have a question. I have been trying to make a blogroll but i can’t! What widget do i use?

  11. Oh, I left at about 3:45 PST(45 mins after party started on cp) to go into my pool before it starts raining! sorry!

  12. Oh And I’m Sorry Too I Kinda Over Reacted…

  13. Salty Is It Ok If I Think About Adding You As Admin First?

  14. salty its rheddy you commented on my site and wanted me to add you to my blogroll. Ill add you if you add me! or I might just add you someday but add me to yours first ok?

  15. ya but you dont have over 40,000 hits so that would be unfair to other people and honestly the blog roll difference is only a couple inches away from each other. so i cant add u to my blog roll because you dont have over 40,000 hits.

  16. Can We Add Eachother Back To Our Blogroll?

    Yeah I’ll Add You Back To My Site

  17. this tracker is kinda wrong

  18. hmm i expected to be kicked off ur blog roll. now the same

  19. Yea, I know! The new background rocks!

  20. Hey Stalty,

    Have you met RH yet?Well he has a nw background!

  21. Party time! Sleet dock please!

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