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My Cat Tribuit!

Hey Everyone! This is a short Tribuit To My Cat Jess, I hope she’s Happy In Heaven. Today She was taken to the Vet By My Mum and dad Because She Had been Acting Very strange. The vet said it was either kidney disease or deobetes. So The Vet Took Some Tests and she told us it was bad news. I ran Out of the vet’s And Back into the car. I really didnt want to hear anymore. Next thing i knew i got a text from my mum saying ” Shes Going To Be Put Down Love” I started to shake and i couldnt go and watch. My Mum and dad came into the car later, they were crying. My Mum was giving me the silent treatment. I regret Not Going Into The Vets, Watching My Cat Being Put Down. Because That Would Of Been The Last Time I Saw my wonderful Cat. I Feel Much Better That I Have Done This Tribuit. Here Are Some Picture’s Of My Cat:

My Cat Jess! ="(

Jess Before She Died! ="(

I Miss Her Very Much. I Didnt want her to suffer so i am glad she isnt in plain anymore. I will never forget her. Love You Jess! x



25 Responses

  1. Awww dude even though I don’t like cats I still feel sorry for you.I would have ran out of the vets also if they said I have some bad news.I was about to cry when I red it. 😦

  2. awwww i feel sorry for your loss 😥

    i had to put down my dog when i was 10 b/c the vet found out he had cancer 😥

    my other dog died of old age we had her since 1980’s way b4 i was born she died in november

    R.I.P. Mokka and Harley

  3. I’m very sorry about this, I hope you can continue life easily. Good luck!

  4. What did it mean when you said put down?

    ~ |Global|

  5. that is 1 ugly cat.

  6. hi salty its wii bobs friend im really sorry about the lose of your cat… in last october my dog (golden retriever) had a seager and kidney problem she lasted 4 weeks a month really but then we hated to see her suffer so she got put to sleep her name was brandy 😦 im sad now

  7. thats sad Salty. My dog died 4 days ago.

  8. Sorry Salty it’s difficult to lose your pet because you love him so much.. Im sorry….

  9. Awwww sorry about ur cat and how old was it coz my cat is 20 in june and also you spelt diabetes wrong.

  10. Hey salty! i made a chat for your cat! its called xat.com/cpsaltykitty
    Hope it will cheer you up!

  11. Aww! I hav 1 cat called Wisp not very old tho.
    Im sure Jessynwill miss u.

  12. I’m very sorry for your cat, Salty. She will rest at peace in heaven. We will miss your cat.

    Keep on waddling,
    -Mega for life!

  13. cute cat im srry she died i hope mine dosnt die fo r a while.

    -Pink Ster

  14. aww cutie!

  15. Btw this is salty i am just helping my friend toasty with his site! 😉

  16. When i was at the vets i looked at human years and cat years. It turns out my cat was 73 in human years. I am sure she has had a good life with me and my family.


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  18. uhh salty? what uhh happened to your unlimited links??

  19. i feel sorry for you to! my dog died 4 years ago

  20. sorry for your loss salty my cat died when i was was 4

  21. Awww, dont make me cry. AHH YOUR MAKING ME CRY 😦

  22. Sorry, Salty. I know the feeling. One of my cats died at the age of 5! 😥

  23. Ur Making Me Cry In Real No Joke :-‘(

  24. Sorry salty,i know how you feel as you know i told u on msn,i lost my cat when i was only 6 =( 5 years ago next wednesday!

  25. Ahhh i fell sorry for you salty but every thing cant last forever 😦

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