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Card Jitsu Code Contest!

Hey Everyone! Its been a hard week for me. So My Mum and dad took me down manchester and let me spend £50 so i went into the disney shop and bought 12 packs of card jitsu codes. I dont need them all so i will give 2 codes away on this site 😀 But, There’s a Twist obvuisly, You Need To Advertise My Site to as many people as you can and make them comment and at the end of there comment tell them to put your name. I will also look at names ID. So you cannot cheat. By this is mean, Logging out of your account and using another name. I will know if it is from the same computer. So Whoever gets the most viewers, Wins a code. And whoever gets the second most viewers, gets a code. Here Is a Picture Of The 2 packs that i am giving away so you know i am not lying! 😉

My Card Jitsu Packs!

Good Luck Everyone! 😉



38 Responses

  1. hey i have like 20 membership and card jitsu so if you want one tell me what you want. If you want card jitsu code, give me a membership (like 1 month’s fine) and if u want a membership give me the card jitsu code(Any code, IDC really what code is it…) my email is richard9905@gmail.com

  2. Hey I advertised the most, please since you don’t need the code please email me at zebralover2003@gmail.com I need a black belt, it to hard 😦 .

  3. what you should do is make a contest and whoever wins gets there site on your blogroll for a month or something like that.


  5. 😆 anyway Salty I may not need it because I will be traveling soon to a place that sells Club Penguin stuff and my mum said I could have watever I want 😀

  6. lol thats a nice comment coolest

  7. Ok guys, Stop with the ads for Salty’s site, It shouldnt count cuz I KNOW THE SITE! The only one im approving is Zebby’s because its the 1st one. Yes I know its a contest but I dont like ads on my site, Plus you guys know I know this site! The next time somone puts one on my site, I will leave a RUDE comment on there site! Sorry Salty about this but just like you, I dont like ads! Thank-you and have a nice day! (unless you comment again about the contest)

  8. Thanks 😀

  9. I don’t need one since I been a ninja since Thanksgiving Day. So I’m reffering to Zebby.


  10. democratic penguin rebels
    Blue Ninjas

  11. I advertised on 11 places.

  12. ipodninjas

  13. Coolest991

  14. I advertised here:

    Club Penguin (real)

  15. I will advertise.

  16. Ok 😀

  17. lol bye

  18. Good luck Wiibob hope you win the contest!

  19. 10

  20. 9

  21. 8

  22. 7

  23. 6

  24. 5

  25. 4

  26. 3

  27. 2

  28. 1

  29. Keh the comment you left on my site completes the sentense on what wii left. But if so, then

    ~ |Global|

  30. I want 1

  31. hi i will enter ive advertsied on a lot of sites and 300 people have viewed from all the forums ive advertised on 😀

  32. What Pictures Dude!?

  33. Give me my pictures back dude! Delete theM!

  34. i odnt think im going to enter cause u advertise a lot anyways, and yea gardenax has a good point

  35. Im not entering! But do me a favor, comment back how much they cost a pack, Im gonna buy some but I need 2 know how much they are! bye!

  36. I came here from the first dude who commented. What I don’t understand is, if you don’t let people advertize on your site, what gives you the right to advertize on there’s especially telling someone else? No offense though, you’re cool.

    ~ |Global|

  37. Ok, Thats Good. But I think you may need more to win! 😉

  38. ok i advertised a lot. I advertised on powerflare’s site, corn chipper’s site, my site, gardenax’s site, flubby’s site, mmopuk’s site and my friend orangy’s site.

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