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Clones On Holiday right now (workers read)


It’s taddle1! Today I got an email from clone because guess what, HE’S GO ON HOLIDAY.  We were talking about self hosted which will be held back until sometime june as clone forgot his login details for the people that he got clone787.com from. Anyway he has gone to holland and should just be getting of the plane in 3 hours (my estimates are usually good), lets wish that he has a great holiday and gets there safely. Because I’m busy working doing things like making this site a better place and keeping the site runnning and office type things so me and clone need the workers to post and if you dont he will his site down and that means if you dont workers you’ll interupt me and I’ll have to get it all ready and post.




3 Responses

  1. taddle1 how can i be a author on this site hop u can macke me one if u can plz email me at r1timmmytv@yahoo.com

  2. How long will he be gone, if i know then i know what needs to be posted whens hes gone and cant post.
    Well, Updates need to be posted for 1 week I think, I’ll make a post when he comes back.

  3. Wish I Was Added 😥 He Says He’s Gonna Add Me Then It Neva Happens I At Least Want To Be Added To His Blogroll
    Taddle1: I’ll add you as an author

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