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Hey guys, this is painted dark! I am back for now, but I am looking some where else to work…sorry salty! I am looking for a more serious job for club penguin. Not just little bits and pieces. But I will be here until then!

5 Responses

  1. Salty,I understand what you meen Eddybrek did the same to me!Any way since you work on my site could you put a backround with my penguins picture on please just look at my penguin you have me on your buddy list!

  2. How could you Lettuce, you were a good friend.


  3. no! Lettuce is never coming back sorry! he was saying mean stuff on msn and even if he wanted to i wouldnt let him sorry shamu!

  4. Cool Painted dark is back now we need to get lettuce back but he plays pandanda.

  5. hey its me clipi sorry i dont get on my website no more i quit but i might come sooner or later ^^

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