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Clone is Back!

Hey Everyone!!

I’m back from my school tour and I went to Holland!!!!! It was the best fun ever!!!!!!!!  We went to Eftelling a Really cool theme park and for anyone who went there before,I went on the pyhtton Sorry,I can’t spell it 😆 Anyways,I went on it three times.Here is a schedule of what i done on Monday

  1. 7:00 AM =Get out of bed
  2. 8:00 am =Break feast
  3. 10:00 am = Back up to our rooms (I got shaving cream and shot it out the window :lol:)
  4. 12:00 am = go down town for shopping
  5. 2:00 pm = Lunch time
  6. Back up to our rooms (Trust me,You don’t wanna know what happened up there :lol:)
  7. 7:00 pm = Out for dinner in the same hotel
  8. 8:15 pm = 😉 (Whoever guesses the Wink will be given a prize)
  9. 10:00 pm = karaoke
  10. 1:15 pm = Gone to bed
  11. 2:00 pm = Messing in other peoples rooms (Which we shouldn’t have)
  12. 2:30 pm had a store stomach from laughing to much
  13. 3:00 pm Talking out the window (If anyone guesses what I said They will get to work here on this site)
  14. 3:10 pm =Sneaking down to the Girls room
  15. 3:11 pm = Me and Benbo101 (A former Worker here) raced up the stairs because our teacher was down there and when i got to the middle of the stairs,Benbo101 fell down them hahahahaha
  16. 3:30 pm = listening to people getting in trouble hahahaha
  17. 4:00 pm = Still messing (The girls came up and saw me in my only boxers and a t-shirt lol 😆 )
  18. 4:30 pm = Went back in to my room
  19. 5:00 pm = Fall asleep (M y alarm went off 2 hours later lol )

And that was truly the best 5 days of my life!!!!! 😀 I will start posting the Club Penguin Cheats Later!


~Clone 787


14 Responses

  1. 😆

  2. :lol

  3. Talked out the window? i bet u were puking!

    Clone:Lol actually i wasn’t,but my other friend threw hot water out the window and hit someone lol!!!!!!!!! 😆

  4. Well for 6 I went physco i ran up and down the hall banged my knee still sprinted and ran into a teacher and shouted **** right in his face and legged it omg the best 4 days of my life theres more I’ll tell you later


  6. 😆

  7. 😉 Mean That U did Something Bad?

  8. 😆

  9. :lol

  10. wtf u on bout whn it comes 2 guess da wink?!?! its a winking eye! lolz

  11. Dude clone, how do you make that face animation, the one that moves? 😉 🙂 😀 😦

    Clone:Type in lol but put the : before and after with no space 😆

    Taddle1: Whoops, It looked done there was nothing else on it when I looked.

  13. I have submitted a support ticket to wild west domains and you should get an email in 10 hours or I might actually

  14. Wow, Also I think I might be able to get your wild west domains costumer number soon.

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