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Klub Krab official email!


Its taddle1.

I made me and robi5 a Klub Krab email address. I am going to be making the rest of the team one so could the team please comment and I will create an account.

My email taddle1@klubkrab.com

Robi5  robi5@klubkrab.com

Support email support@klubkrab.com

Also the klub krab blog was made but I meeed it up big time by uploading something to the wrong place and I’m not going to go to deep in to the techy stuff so you dont start itching your head.

P.S. Go on, email us. My other email for cp is taddle1@tadchat.co.cc.


15 Responses

  1. u can only b on the team if your either a friend or a relative-like me!!!
    luv u ppl! xx

  2. hi tom!
    its me- how come joe and u have one of them thingies and i dont?
    u said youd give the whole team one so what about me, im ur cousen and u havnt even gave one of them thingies to me, and now there r loads of ppl askin 2 b on the team! ps ask joe if jordan and alex have mailed him!

  3. i keep asking csn i do something but you never reply =( well if you ever do i like art and writing so blog stuff

  4. hi can you please make a account for me my username will be crosby

  5. hi what is the url for klub krab?
    Taddle1: The current website is klubkrab.com

  6. Hey can I be on the team for like blogging or thcky stuff?
    Taddle1: Check out the klub krab needs you page which is going to be updated today so be sure too comment before I close all the jobs that have been taken by some people.

  7. please check the comments under the unknon page please i beg!!!!!!
    Ok, ill see whats there

  8. i can do that
    Do what, If your on about an mmog what would I use for the server software.

  9. June 12.?

  10. plz email me back tyzzer_man@yahoo.com

  11. im on the team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I will make you an email ASAP

  12. graysnow@klubkrab.com

  13. anyway if you ever do i would like to do art stuff and the journalism parts

  14. i think u emailed me once but i emailed back and u never replied

  15. uuh i keep trying to contactyou i but u never answer

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