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New Club Penguin Newspaper Cheats & Secrets

Club Penguin,Today released it 191st Issue of the Weekly “Club Penguin Times” This week’s Club Penguin Times Contains new About the Adventure Party.(The Adventure Party starts tomorrow) See below for the news about the adventure Party

Tomorrow,Club Penguin will have its 1st ever “Adventure Party” which will Include Decorations around the Island,Members can go underground e.g Also the Temperature in Club Penguin,(According to Gary) will affect the Activities that are happening around Club Penguin over the Summer.The adventure Party Will start tomorrow and we will have all the Club Penguin adventure party cheats right here

Club Penguin released a new Clothing Catalog last Friday and “They” say that all the Penguins are enjoying the seasonal Items and esssentials.They also say to keep your eyes out for the hidden Items.Click here to get this Months (June 2009) Club Penguin Catalog Cheats

Also,Today is june 11th (Well nothing Important really) But you probably forgot about Club penguins’ 101 days of Fun and Todays object is “Try doing things in a completely new way today.Start by reading the Club Penguin Times backwards like this – Day backwards It’s good luck!

Also Todays New Club penguin “Secret revealed” is well not really a secret,But it is a check-list for Penguins to try find all of these things at the Adventure party which starts tomorrow.Wildlife,Ancient ruins,Butterflies,and mysterious Drum beats.(Tomorrow after I post all the Cheats for the Party,I will make a guide on what-and-how to-do for the Adventure party)

That’s really it for the Club penguin Cheats now,So here are the Upcoming Club Penguin events for the next wekk until the 18Th of June 2009

WEll Guy’s,That’s all today for the Club Penguin Cheats! Also Dorian I deleted your post bbecause I wanted to publish all the Cheat In 1 go.Also,Due to safety reasons,All editors will be Authors now.Me and Dorian will be the Administrators of this site,Because someone is after hacking Detroit 87 and deleted all the Posts.

~Clone 787


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  1. this website is not very up dated its august and nearly september

  2. http://darthpuckie.wordpress.com/2009/06/12/contest-scroll-down-for-cheats/

  3. love the new css

  4. once again cool theme! lol cool post to

  5. cool post

  6. Taddle1, make me self hosted!


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