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Club Penguin Adventure Party 2009 Scavenger Hunt Cheats & Secrets!

Hey everyone! Today Club Penguin released the Adventure Party 2009, and they even made a Scavenger Hunt to come with it! Pretty cool, huh? To get started, log on to Club Penguin and click on the binoculars at the top right corner of the room. Alright, now here are all of the Club Penguin Adventure Party 2009 Scavenger Hunt Cheats & Secrets! Check it out.

1. The first item is at the Pool. Click on the grey fish that swims past the window.


2. The  next item is at the Cove. Click on the curly flower.



3.  The next item is at the Dock. Click on the little turtle a the bottom of the room.


4. Now Go To The Snow Forts and Click On The Bush Of Flowers.


5. Next Go to the icebreg and click on the sprinkle of water.


6.  Now Go To The Plaza And Click On The Flowers On The Upper Right Of Room.


7. Go To The Beach And Click On The Water Bubbles.


8. Now Go To The Forest and click on the pink and yellow flowers.


Thats All For Now, I will make a better post than this when i get home from the hairdressers! I should be about 5 minutes.  Waddle On!



4 Responses

  1. sweet rockin party salty!


  2. Salty will you add my banner back up? If you dont wanna its okay and could you send me the code for your banner?

    Salty: Shamu! I know you like the banner i made you but i am working on a better one for you! (: I am sure you will like it just as much and also the code for my banner is:

    Thanks For Adding It! [=

  3. Dear salty,

    Hi dude cool site im good at taking screenshots and videos can i be an
    author please?If yes send me the invitation to
    silverultimateboy@gmail.com!And ill get tyou the cheats before
    everyone!!and im good in posting stuff!!I hope i become one!!


    – Hazooma2

  4. Thanks salty these helped me alot. I never knew bout the tropical bird.

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