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New Club Penguin Snow Trekker & Space Ship Toys!

Hey Everyone! 

Today Club Penguin announced that there will soon to be a new kind of Club Penguin Toys that will be released, and that these toys will be different from all the others! Check out the new toys that the Club Penguin Team has been working on lately. These toys are the Snow Trekker and Space Ship toys. I wonder if these toys will come out at the same time as the Series 3 toys. Do you think they will also come with a Series 3 coin code? Alright, now here is a little sneak peek of the new Snow Trekker and Space Ship toys.


The Snow Trekker has some cool history in Club Penguin. In the very, very first Penguin Style catalog, it was on the back page listed as “out of stock” and ever since then a lot of you have commented about it. You may have seen it at a few parties – and even in the Elite Penguin Force DS game! Have any of you seen it anywhere else on the island? And what about this Space Ship… Does anyone know the play this is from? Comment your thoughts!

In other news:  Coming to North America soon (and then later to the UK and Australia) are the brand new Series 2 Pet Puffles! Just like your pet puffles in Club Penguin, they’ll show off their unique personalities. They will most likely also come with a Series 2 coin code, too. Check out this sneak peek of the Series 2 Black and Red Pet Puffles.


Pretty cool sneak peek of the puffles, huh? I might be buying one of those awesome pet puffles When they are released in North America. I might Even Give The Series 2 Coin Away As a Contest On This Site!

Well, that’s all for now. Keep checking back for more Club Penguin Cheats! Waddle on!


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  1. Hey Salty Thanks for the nice comment on my site! I will be putting you on my blogroll!

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