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Club Penguin : 101 Days Of Fun Update!

Hey Everyone! Today, Club penguin set us a new challenge for the “101 Days Of Fun” The Challenge is to complete the club penguin game, Jet-Pack Adventure. But, There’s a twist! You have to do it without earning one single Coin. This is a pretty hard challenge because theres coins everywhere so you will have to dodge them. Are You Going To Take This Challenge? Comment Your Thoughts!

Jack-Pack Adventure!

This is also a good activity because if you collect no coins! You recieve 1000 bonus coins! The Best Part is, If Club Penguin Sees You Doing This challenge then they will add another 1001 coins to your account! They Will be giving every penguin they see this money. So Hopefully club penguin will see You Doing The Challenge. Do You Like This 101 Days Of Fun Challenge? Comment Your Thoughts!

Well, Thats All For Now! Keep Checking Back For More Club Penguin Cheats! Waddle On!



16 Responses

  1. hey salty,

    ice cycie here and i wanted you to know that i have added your banner to my website/blog. I added it to my “advertise your site” page. please comment on my site.

    ~ ice cycie

  2. Hey!
    I’m having a Coin Code contest at my site!
    Please enter the contest!!!

    -Ichigo Kuro1-

  3. I can’t do it, my penguin is banned 😥 I’ve tried LOADS of times before though but it is REALLY hard.


  4. cool1
    please go to this site and say cowtail5 told me to come here
    here link

  5. Its pretty hard, I have made it to the last level, but there are 2 coins that make you hit the wall.

  6. Thats pretty good! And sorry lizzy i visited your site but i cant make a post about it 😉 Sorry


  7. its hard! i cant even past the 6th level!

  8. Salty can you visit my site?

  9. I have tried this. I understand that its pretty hard. sience i havnt got past the first level! I will keep trying though!


  10. hi Salty I am not having alot of hits at the moment I was wondering if you could visit my site and write a post about it!Please…………………………………………..
    P.S.my site is lizzy46183.wordpress.com

  11. Salty who won the card jitsu contest?? I should win one code because I advertised the most zebralover2003@gmail.com If I’ve won, and oh yeah! Gongratz on 40,000 hits

  12. That would be hard! I tried it a lot of times but never succeeded 😥 I really want 1000 coins!!!

  13. It’s hard! I cant get past the third level without hitting a coin! 😦 Oh well. Maybe I’ll eventually get it! 🙂

  14. Hey Everyone! What Do You Think About This Update? Comment Your Thoughts!


  15. Wow you just made this post ROFL 🙂

  16. Cool!

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