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Member penguin contest and new Rockhopper background glitched!

Hi penguins! Alex bl 17 here! just some things i want to point out to you! First, clone, i want my wordpress account, i cant post pictures, so i want it so i can, because that’s just the fun of it-email it to me at baseballf3@yahoo.com . Next, i will be having a Member penguin contest! (the reason i have theseid so if there is somebody who is a non member that wants to be one, they can us this one.) Here is how the contest works! Comment your answer with your email address-first person to guess the problem right wins! To win the contest, you must… name the moderator that i dont list, this ones hard because there is a new one 😆 ok here it goes… Billybob, Rsnail, Happy 77, gizmo, and screenhog. who did i not list?!? tell me in thus contest! and lastly one more thing. The disney Rockhopper background has a new white puffle on it! if i had a picture , wich i do, i would post it, but that’s why im asking fo r my wordpress account, or anything else i might need to post. well that’s it for now. Cya! ~Alex Bl 17

Taddle1 says: Hi everybody, this is a message for bl. When your emailing the post text save the picture as an attachment when you post. You can have the following image formats, jpg, jpeg, png, gif. Yes i do know Jpg and Jpeg are the same.


31 Responses

  1. cool

  2. So beta beta is like, a mod or something? if i knew i would not have banned it forever

  3. The contest is over for now, but whoever guessed beta beta, i know his pass, and he is banned forever
    Taddle1 Says: That is because you can only login in to his account on the club penguin I.P. addresses

  4. Jazzy- this one is over

  5. unclebigfoot sjaini08@gmail.com

  6. people, those are all moderators, but not the one im thinking of- keep guessing 😆
    Taddle1 Says: I’m trying to contact clone about your wordpress account, well I’m emailing him about proper website stuff although i am going to ask him. If you want to know what its about its not for you to know, and if you ask I’ll ban you from posting, Just kiddin, but don’t ask

  7. I got three:

    Beta Beta

    My adress is balakaushi@gmail.com
    Hop I win

  8. i got three:

    Beta Beta

    Hope I win,
    Herbert the PenguinBear

  9. I don’t get why dorian didnt email me the codes!

  10. its gizmo

  11. taddle1 email me at asaini2011@gmail.com
    Taddle1: Okey dokey

  12. clone787

  13. penguin band jsaini8@gmail.com

  14. aunt artic jsaini08@gmail.com

  15. rockhopper email jsaini08@gmail.com

  16. email jsaini08@gmail.com

  17. chrisdog93

  18. Screenhog
    My email is venzr@clubpenguin.co.cc

  19. This does NOT include test penguins like mace, mod 18, or nanu.

  20. This one is really hard- so be careful what you guess!

  21. Happy 77 ain’t a mod

  22. Nickname1

  23. Maxlowe

  24. Chillybonnie

  25. Nickname1

  26. Okayya0

  27. Okayya0

  28. good contest

  29. Dorian1453 has removed this comment.
    Reason: Advertising.

  30. Auntginima






    i ae all the official moderators (that i know of) that you didnt list

  31. is it admin?

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