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New glitch and new member penguin contest.

Hi penguins, Alex Bl 17 here! i understand many of you are having a hard time on figuring out the answer to the member penguin contest. a lot of you guessed dome people i did not guess- and they were all correct, but not the REAL answer. I was looking for the NEW moderator! his name is unclebigfoot. just search his name on youtube, you will see! Now i will come up with another question/challenge. But i will come up with that later, because i just woke up and i cant think when i wake up. sorry that you have to wait! 😦 . Now i want to share a glitch i found with you! go to any room in any server (i do it in popular places, like the dock in sleet or frozen) now open up your player card, and dance. now take off a piece off clothes and put it back on as fast as you can, and you will start dancing from the beginning every single time! And if you do it fast enough, it almost looks like your moonwalking! Pretty neat huh? well penguins, that’s all for today, cya! ~Alex Bl 17


3 Responses

  1. your the coolest penguin in town clone787 yo.

  2. Dude i said it ova

  3. gator360

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