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A lot of playercards!


Its taddle1 posting. I wanted to show you some playercards of visitors of this site, or with their own quite famous site




stralisWell thats all I have time for, I’d like to meet clone on cp so if clone is reading this email me, you know the address (taddle1@tadchat.co.cc) also clone can i have the email taddle1@clone787.com or caretaker@clone787.com (What i do theese days is like a caretakers job)

Anyway, Its late here and I’ll be woken up early tommorow by my baby cousing who came to stay, his sleeping in my room so i need to go to sleep. Bye.

P.S. I will be holding player of the week soon so be sure to be a nice freind to me and the rest of the team.


8 Responses

  1. who won player of the week

  2. Me? none ur buissness for now- i might post to tell the people who forgot how i got it when it was posted before.


  4. Taddle, agent is my buddy (im acctually buddies with everyone who works here!!!!
    Taddle1 Says: COOL!!!

  5. cool u got to teel me how to do that

  6. aww im not there oh well i want to meet you taddle
    Taddle1 Says: It’s because of the different time zone, which timezone are you in and I’ll work out which time I’d be on. Also if your buddys with alex bl 17 and russel go on the server that they are on and I’ll probably be on, depending on the time here.

  7. how do u do that

  8. Lol player of the week sounds like something i would hear on sports center

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