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New Club Penguin newspaper Cheats

Hey Everyone!!

A new Club Penguin newspaper came out today and its issue #192 wow! That’s almost nearly the 200th Issue! We expect the 200th Issue of the Newspaper tyo be released somewhere near the fall.Here is what’s inside the new Club Penguin newspaper:

Okay! Today is the 15th Day of 101 Days of Fun!Today is June 18th and here is Todays Club Penguin 101 days of fun objective! Check out the Igloo Contest Winners in the Paper! Buy some furniture from the catalog in the Ninja hideout & recreate your favourite in your own igloo!

Also,Today the Winners for the Club Penguin Igloo contest were announced.The winners of the Igloo Contest are:

  1. Blue ise
  2. Codemommy
  3. Freeze the 1
  4. Glaceon614
  5. Han solo 8
  6. loulou
  7. Emzee
  8. manaphy1997
  9. Sasky97
  10. Stinkyman 10
  11. Ughabug

Those were all the Main Winners of the Contest.My Favourite Igloo out of the Igloo contest was probably “Han solo 8 “Here Igloo was amazing! She did a great job and she tought of the Plants! Great think han Congradulations! you can see her Igloo in the Picture below

Also,Since the Adventure party ended,Club Penguin have moved all of the Plants to the “Storage” Too see these Plantsa go into the Box Dimension and they will be there! Do you think Club Penguin will store all of their Parties from the Past in there?Let me know by leaving a comment!

Well Guy’s there is not much more to say,so here are the Upcoming events going Until june 26th

  • June 26th = A Dj3K Update and New Igloo Music
  • June 19th = New Better Igloos Catalog
  • June 18th = New Hidden Pin

Well Guy’s that’s all for the Club Penguin Cheats!

~Clone 787


3 Responses

  1. the new beginning is a three month membership and it ends july 15th!

  2. theres a new beginning screen

  3. Hey,

    WOW your site has improved dramatically in hits and style! I am very glad for your success! I will make this my first Club Penguin Cheats site to stop by when looking for cheats etc.

    Could I be added to your blogroll?

    If you don’t mind comment back on my site!



    -Professorlax Inc.

    If you want to talk to me live just go on my chat!


    Have a good day 😉

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