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Introducing Whos Staly Vegas!

Hey Everyone! I am Begining to get quiet alot of questions From You Guys. So, I am Opening a new Topic Called ‘ Whos Staly Vegas’. The Whos Staly Vegas Project will give you more information about me inside the virtual world of club penguin and also outside the world of club penguin.


I will Be Picking aleast 10 questions that you comment about me! If You Want To Ask Staly Vegas a question and have a chance that your question will be shown on this site. Then Comment On This Post. You Can Comment As Many Questions You Like. The First Series Of Whos Staly Vegas Will Be Posted On Tuesday. So Make Sure You Ask Your Questions While You Can! Dont Hesitate To Ask.

Well, Thats All For Now. Keep Checking back For More Club Penguin Cheats! Waddle On!


29 Responses

  1. What program do you use when you take pictures to put them on?

  2. hmmm who inspired you to start blogging?

  3. Do you like club penguin?

    Dont worry if you dont have time to answer.


  4. Do you enjoy blogging and doing a club penguin cheats site?

    Dont worry if you dont have time to answer.


  5. cool!

  6. COOL!

  7. 1.sooo what is your favorite thing to do on club penguin?
    2.what is your favorite mini game in club penguin?
    3.what was your favorite theme on club penguin so far?
    ☻ thnx for reading

  8. sooo what is your favorite thing to do on club penguin?

  9. nvm

  10. yuck!my gum feels gooey wat does this mean?

  11. Hi! Cool website! 🙂 My cousin and I are called the Bunny Bandits on Club Penguin. We are Peach151 and Done10. We mob the pizza parlor, and we have out own informational site!

  12. clubpenguin.co.nr nice. That’s how i got here

  13. What’s you’re favorite Club Penguin minigame including Fall Fair games?

    Also, thanks for commenting on my site. It really helps.

    ~~Timer Man 19~~

  14. Thanks for commenting on Waddle’s site! I help him out with some posts. You have an awesome site!
    What graphics program do you use? Ever since I started CP blogging I have wanted to do those banners anf things like that.
    -Tycoon 13

  15. How did you find out about Club Penguin?

  16. Hola! This site is SO great! I got to go. Bye!

  17. Ok, I understand that. But could you please at least using my pictures? Thank-you.

  18. also one more question email me back though how do you make your banners? and my email is footballmaniac1998@gmail.com

  19. Whats Your Favortie Band?

  20. also where are the coin code contest?

  21. Hey its Bigghj thanks for commenting on my site your site is awesome to do you want me to put you on my blogroll?

  22. hey salty i have got a question for you :
    How did you get the name salty vagas?

  23. Hey salty, I have a hint for you. I figured out where all the plants were stored. (Box Dimension)

  24. Yeah! Thats Right CloneGuy! ChrisDog Had This Awesome Idea But He Did Get It From Mimo’s Old One! Anyway, I give full credit to CD and Mimo for this idea! 😉


  25. COOOOOl hey me woof how old r u in real life? How old r u on clubpenguin? c u soon

  26. Didn’t chrisdog create something similar to this? Anyway when did you start blogging lol

  27. what program do you use for your desiging

  28. Woahhhhh! Its pretty sweet how you have the domain clubpenguin.co.nr thats cool because if people slip up and not put co.uk and but co.nr then they come here! Well… Thats how i got here. Nice Blog And My Questions Are:

    1. When Did You First Join Club Penguin?
    2. How Did You Find Out About Club Penguin?
    3. Whats Your Real Name?
    4. Whats Your Age?

    Hope You Answer Those! I wouldnt be surprized if you didnt answer the last 2 but oh welll…


  29. Ask Me Any Question You Like!


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