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I know who did it!

I know what happened! My cousin hacked the account. And hes been grounded for 4 months-no tv no computer. So please dont contact the police! I found out because i saw my cousin on detroits account so plz add detroit again. Thanks guys!


6 Responses

  1. I will contact wordpress for ip addresses and I will make proof out of those

  2. plz hire Detroit back he was here before all of you and deserves to be here

  3. If we know that he is innoccent(detroit) then maybe he can be hired back, but he usually never posts. But i think that the first one that said clone sucks was anthonys cousin, and the second one was detroit, because he got busted for it. thats just what i think though…

  4. Okay. Until then, we can’t add Detroit back.

  5. Well I will get proof.

  6. We have no proof that he did it.

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