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Announcement from Clone 787

Hey Everyone

I haven’t been posting lately.Or at all for the past few weeks.I haven’t really bothered with this site for a month now and i’m amazed i still get views higher than when my hits dropped.Anyways,I’m just here to say I don’t Play Club Penguin anymore and MY authors and Editors will Update I don’t go on Club Penguin anymore It’s gotten old for me so I’m leaving this site after nearly 2 years.I want to say one thing “Thank You” Thanks to everyone i got far in hits we’re already past 1/4 of a million.I’m happy for that πŸ™‚ Since january,This site has went from the low zone to the higher zone.I don’t get as much as WWE ADAM or anyone he get’s like 10,000 + a day i get usually 1,000 + a day and Thank you all to everyone! Thank you for making my time here such a good one.But I’m officialy done with Club Penguin.I’m finished middle school (Primrary school) and Im going in to secondary school (High) In august and I cannot find time to Update this site.Things have changed for me I’m older now I’m 13 I don’t know why I still play (Well,I don’t) But I have a life I’d rather be going to the Cinema with my friends then staying on my laptop all day you know? nyways I’m leaving and the authors and Editors WILL Update the site.They WILL post the Updates and not pointless posts I will soon be adding more expierienced Editors to the site.Anyways,THANK YOU for my time but I’m done now.I will posy maybe once every couple of months Thanks everyone for supporting me with this site I thank you all graciously Thank you :Too stay in contact with me my youtube is : http://youtube.com/r0nanf0x Don’t leave comments on it saying stuff like hey clone! and such That’s my real life one.If you have a personal account please use that to contact me.Thanks for the support over the 2 years it means alot guys.Possibly for the last time ever…

~Clone 787


13 Responses

  1. Bummer man. Now Me, Will, and you have quit clubpenguin. You went for a while, man! Maybe if you aren’t doing anything this week, you could post on my website a couple times? I am going on vacation, and I need some authors while I’m gone. the other two haven’t responded yet, and I need at least one!
    Comment back on my site!

  2. LOL Clone You were the winner of my Clothes contest and the reward was to be an author on my site.

    But you never posted 😦

    TTYL well probably not.

    JEEZ THIS STINKS I AM SO MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Taddle1 Says: Me and dorian are now the leaders, why dont you give us the job, well him, I’m more of a good site caretaker! Ask him for his email in 3 weeks (when he gets back from vacation)

  3. who gonna replace u
    Taddle1 Says: Me and dorian!

  4. omg !!!! 😦 😦 😦

  5. Goodbye Clone have a good life!

    This is a great site and always will!

    We will miss you!

    ~stralis33 aka Candense~

  6. Clone all of us will miss you and this is the best site I’ve ever been to!I visit this site daily and every minute I guess!


  8. ya yer site still is better than wwwe adam’s site.im pretty sad ur leaving though, you one of my best friends on club penguin 😦 😦 😦
    😦 😦

  9. Clone can i have your penguin

  10. also can i be in charge now

  11. umm, are we still moving self hosted

  12. Oh and Clone I think ur site is better than WWE Adams

  13. I get that Clone
    I am also thinking about quiting. Cause I am 13 turning 14 in september and I dont know why I still play.

    Hey Could I be an author on your site Cause I think its really a good one??

    Thanks anyways,

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