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New Exclusive Club Penguin DJ3K Upgrade Game Cheats & Secrets!

Hey Everyone! Today Club Penguin Released Some Cool New Tracks Available to members For DJ3K! There are a Few Cheats and Secrets for the Game Updates Too. To Find The New Music Tracks, Go To the Night Club and click on the tracks next to the DJ3K Game. Click The catalog at the bottom right corner of the room. As of now, there are no special cheats for the catalog, so you can only buy the tracks that are shown.


But, I did manage to find a very cool cheat for the game upgrades! You can now bring your Yellow puffle into the DJ3K game! All you have to do is adopt a Yellow puffle and walk it to the Night Club. Then just simply play the DJ3K game while you’re walking your puffle!


Pretty Cool, Huh? Alright, Just like any other game, you can earn more coins by playing with a specific puffle in it. In DJ3K you can earn a few extra coins by bringing your Yellow puffle in the game.So, do you have any other Club Penguin Cheats for the new DJ3K game upgrades? Be Sure To Leave a comment with your thoughts and ideas! In other News: Today I received a postcard from Club Penguin that claims Sensei will be visiting the Ninja Hideout from July 3-5. Awesome! Tell me what you think.

-Salty, Club Penguin Cheats Blog Owner.


12 Responses

  1. hi its the owner of eliteshadows, your web site is cooler than ours!!!!

  2. hello salty
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    yes u r right i have put efforts on making this blog but my blog arent getting big hits i have a request if u plz can add me to ur blogroll i will add you to mines thanku

    Pangy hood
    plz comment back on my site if you can add me

  3. Wow Cool! What Items Did You Unlock?

    -Salty, Club Penguin Cheats Blog Owner.

  4. HEY DUDE. I JUST GOT 4 COIN CODES (but i used them…LOL)

  5. Nice post.

    Go here:

  6. Please help me with the css and help me write a message to wp to block the warlus guy thanks!

  7. Hey! Im sorta upset. For some reason ur not on my buddy list anymore 😦 and do you wanna add me to your blog roll and I will add you? Comment back on my Blog

  8. First of all, ClubPenguinToday does not belong to tampos but to Fotis01 and Niceplayer. Second, stop commenting the same thing to every site. Its the worst method of advertising. Try to get a better place on GOOGLE.

  9. wow i like the idea of bringing your puffle into the game…do you? and the game is really cool

    Keep up the great work salty!!!

    Waddle on!


  10. nice post!

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  12. Nope not really! I don’t think there are anymore cheats 😉 . Do a favor and visit my friends site she’s new and made her site yesterday I’m sure she would love a comment 🙂

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